Vault Pick extras

So, us fans being what we are, specifically people who want to hold onto EVERYTHING that our beloved creators create, I want to ask if the extra content attached to the Vault Picks will be available after the titles cycle out.

For example, will we still be able to view the Synthia segments on titles like The Killer Shrews once they are retired from the Vault? It would be nice if there was a way to select “normal” or “vault” viewing mode, which would exclude or include the extra content, similar to how some DVDs contain both the original and the Turkey Day versions of certain episodes.

What do you think, sirs/madams/nonbinaries?


I definitely support this. The only one I’ve watched so far was the Killer Shrews intro but it made me laugh, a lot.

One thing that I love about the fandom is that a lot of that extra material is out there still - Turkey Day commercial bumpers, the VHS tapes like Poopie, the MST Hour Jack Perkins segments… If there’s a way to get any or all of that on the Gizmoplex, who’d say no? :slight_smile:


Unless in between dynamiting her way out of Moon 13 and building the Gizmoplex, the nefarious Ms. Forrester significantly increased her R&D budget, I suspect that Kingachrome still sucks as a storage medium.



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FWIW, Vimeo OTT does support video bonus extras for content. You can see an implementation of it on the Criterion Channel.

I’d really appreciate this, too.
Annnnnd for the Backer screenings to return[1], and be indefinitely accessible? Annnd the other live events to have some method of access a year from now… or at least for the new-supplemental content to be accessible somehow.

  1. Each disappeared as the Public/final aired) ↩︎

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While I get wanting stuff like this saved, archived and preserved for all time. I also like things that are of the moment, and that part of me is okay if it goes away… at least for a spell. Maybe collect them all as an extra somewhere down the line. But I like them as something special in the here and now. Watch them before the month is up, you’ll never know when they’ll be back.


Yah, in spite of starting this thread, I do appreciate the evanescence of things as well. It helps keep them special. But I’m a Gemini, I see the merits in both side of an argument most of the time.


I love the new segments. But I think Joel specifically said in one of the livestreams that they’re meant to be transient. It’s a special bonus that you only get if you’re a member and at the end of the month it’s gone forever. Partly to make it more special, and partly as an incentive to stay subscribed. Some things in life are fleeting. Enjoy them while they’re here. Savor them and let them go.


As long as i can get a shirt featuring Crow’s Chaotic Chaos alignment i can let that segment go

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I moved this topic under feature request so if you like this idea, you can vote for it.

Banger of an idea, btw.

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