Vault picks in Video Fridge are not sorting by Episode correctly

Vault picks in Video Fridge are not sorting by EP#:

Mod hat - moved to a new topic because the other bug was fixed and the topic was marked as solved. A separate topic will get this bug better visibility.

Also, these episodes are sorted correctly alphabetically, but only if the “The” in the title counts. Which it’s not supposed to.

The issue is he is trying to sort them by episode number and it’s not in the correct order.

If going by episode number it should be:
King Dinosaur
Pod People
The Killer Shrews
The Beginning of the End

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Yup - the episode sorting isn’t working, and also the alpha sorting is a little wonky too. It’s both. :smiley:

The episode numbers in the data are:

[2205.1] => Vault Pick: THE KILLER SHREWS
[2205.2] => Vault Pick: KING DINOSAUR
[2205.3] => Vault Pick: GAMERA
[2205.4] => Vault Pick: WEREWOLF
[2205.5] => Vault Pick: POD PEOPLE
[2205.6] => Vault Pick: THE BEGINNING OF THE END

Which is consistent with how they sort in the fridge. Still wrong, but at least we know it’s not a random bug in the interface.

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