Very disillusioned right now

I’m a long-time MSTie and backer to both the original kickstarter and the second one.
I’d watched eps as they aired on the Gizmoplex, but I gotta say…
I can’t bring myself to watch anything else until I get my backer rewards. Feels like I paid for something, and it’s been out for delivery for months.


Updates here:


As someone else mentioned, I see the physical rewards as the frosting on a season 13 cake. I paid for 13 episodes and shorts. I got 13 episodes and shorts. While I’m excited about the physical rewards, I backed funding for a season 13 of the show.

If you want more info on the delays, you’ll find an explanation here:


Yeah, I think it’s a little odd to say you’re not going to watch a show you paid for because you aren’t getting the bonus material. Did you really pay the kickstarter for the hoodie or did you pay it for more MST3K? I’m getting a T-shirt at some point, but I didn’t give my money because I was going to get a T-shirt.


You can’t bring yourself to watch anything else? Not even classic episodes of The Simpsons, or James Cordon shows?

I can’t imagine being so burned that I would give up on an entire medium.


I get the frustration. I have encountered many situations in the past couple months that would have been improved by me wearing an awesome T-Shirt, or by looking into a rad snow globe.

But it’s not like they’re never coming, and not watching new content isn’t going to make them come quicker, so I might as well enjoy the new content.


I don’t think I could ever have my opinion of a show or movie impacted by a lack of stickers, posters, concession packs, a tshirt, hoodie, coins or a snow globe… and I’m sorry you feel that way. But I have to believe that after everything I’ve seen on these forums, and other social media platforms for the last year that new content has been released, that you are in the vocal minority.


I mean, I bought a jacket just to put patches on that I could show off at work.

And now I’m retired.

But it’s been a rough few years on the supply chain. I’m not going to give up anything else just because I haven’t got the patches or the snow globe.

Does the phrase, ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’ mean anything to you?


I bought two sets of patches, and have yet to buy a jacket, because I don’t have the patches in my possession. But once I have the patches, I will buy a jacket. And I work from home, so no co-workers will ever see my jacket.


Just a sidebar, and maybe something to consider for future endeavors: The concession pack would have been REALLY NEAT for all the livestreams and episode premieres.


You are 100% right. I would have LOVED that. But the financial and logistic headache for shipping those out ahead of the rest of things put a damper on it.

Maybe for season 14 we can get the swag sent out first…


I’m choosing to think that I’ll be decked out and ready to rock the Season 14 premiere with all my goodies. :sunglasses:


Also- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show off your jacket here when it’s done!!!

I know I will!


I can barely remember what I ordered at this point. The T-Shirt… maybe something else. I still haven’t backed up my episodes because I’m Queen of All Procrastinators. :o Someone needs to remind of the best way to do that when one has all the technical acumen of old, broken cement.


For any episode you own, there is a download button.

At the VHX site:

Inside the Gizmoplex:

Click whatever resolution you want (higher resolution means better picture, but also a larger file) and the episode will download.


Maybe they shouldn’t offer any physical rewards for any fundraiser going forward, since the consensus among the replies here are that the physical rewards don’t matter and anyone upset about the delays is wrong to feel that way, because the true reward was the new content and the Gizmoplex.

For what it’s worth, OP, I hear you. And I’m so sorry, because I understand where you’re coming from, and why it’s so deflating, and why it can take a lot of the fun out of the new content, and why you don’t want to watch because you just don’t want to be reminded.


At least there’s a reason for the delays.


While my main interest was season 13 certainly, I did back at a higher dollar amount for some of the rewards. That behavior can’t be discounted.

Oh, I can certainly sympathise with their frustration. And the team understands the frustration too. If we’re frustrated, just imagine how they are feeling trying to deal with all of this. (a lot of which sounds like it’s out of their direct control to even fix).

So I get it, but I think it’s important to remember is that we participated in the KS to fund a season 13 of the show. We got that.


Reductio ad absurdum

No one is saying they don’t want what they paid for. We are saying that the waiting is understandable, and no one else is giving up on MST because the merch we pledged for is still delayed.


Do I wish I had them now? A year ago? Of course! I can choose to let my frustration color my view of this entire season, or I can choose to think of it as something still to look forward to now that all the Season 13 episodes have aired. I’m going with the latter. :woman_shrugging:t3: