Very important question

So a friend of mine and I have been watching the Russo/Finnish movies because of reasons. It dawned on my the Jack Frost is supposed to be a kid’s movie. Lots of silly characters, mugging at the camera, and its basically stitched together fairy tales. So now I’m imagining boatloads of big-eyed Russo-Finnish kids sailing across the sea to the frozen cinemas to spend their…fish heads?..on movie tickets

What do you think Sirs?


I’m gonna’ shamelessly piggy-back on this thread to recall an obscure live-action version of Puss 'N Boots which I saw on Saturday afternoon TV when very young. I feel like it might have been dubbed and spliced for U.S. audiences, too. Mostly I remember the ending, which for some reason had “Mother Time” as the magical driver of the whole story. Anyway, it’s super-sad. The title character sees Tom married off to the Princess, and he begs “Mother” to change him back into a regular old cat: because Tom is now too busy being royalty to be his friend anymore, and Puss wants to forget all their adventures and move on. So she does. The feel-good story of… whenever it was made. Yikes. (No wonder I grew up to be such a cranky old cuss.)

Anyone else remember this?


A friend of my wife grew up in Siberia, and she remembers seeing and loving Jack Frost as a kid in what would have been the late '70s-early '80s.


This is the kind of hardlined research I’m after! THANK you!