Video Fridge canister label error

Hi, just wanted to point out a little visual error on the canister label of the “Cheating” short. The Color coding on the label suggests it is a Joel short, but it should be blue as it is a Mike short. The rest of the metadata info and coloring when you click through to it is correct, it’s just the kingachrome canister label that needs to be fixed.

Other than that, the Gizmoplex is feeling pretty polished to me!

Image to show the issue in question:


Hi, just wanted to bump this up so it doesn’t get buried, as it doesn’t seem to have been fixed in the last batch of bug fixes.

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Hey @Lucas, is this still off for you? We’re going through and seeing what still needs to be fixed.


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Yeah, it’s still got the red label on the canister where it should be blue, as it is a Mike short.


Still noted as incorrect on 5/12/22.


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