Video Fridge Date Sorting Not Working

This bug is different than ones I see reported around the Video Fridge sorting. All of my collection is in A-Z, when I change it to Date it stays A-Z. Also from the tour y’all gave it said the first page would be the current releases in front of the A-Z or Date sort and that is not the case. Everything is only A-Z and never changes from A-Z.


RE: the 2nd point: Since all available episodes from seasons 1-10 are going to be available in the Gizmoplex (ad-free for a short time), the monthly Vault Picks are being deemphasized a bit. There are still 6 themed picks every month, but now that they won’t be the only free episodes in a given month they’re no longer going to be sorted before the rest of the list.


I started getting this same problem, it only started happening today.


I had it as well today until I did a refresh in Chrome and then it started working again.

Yep can confirm there is something wiggy with the sorting by ‘date’ in Chrome.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Someone mentioned in another thread that it would help to know how the data is defining date. I’m assuming that it’s by release date (so episodes should be in numerical order). The only things I have so far are the BroughtBack and MadeMore episode packs, so I also wondered if it was sorting by pack. (All of the BroughtBack episodes, then all of the MadeMore episodes) But that doesn’t seem to be the case either.


Can confirm that it’s the same in Firefox =)

I’d almost say there is no date sorting at all, that it’s just an alphabetical list, but then you get bits of odd like Invaders from the Deep, Revenge of the Mysterons, and Magic Voyage of Sinbad. Or the Manos live event between Girl in Gold Boots and Gunslingers.

Yup…I was wondering about the Manos one… :woman_shrugging:

Will there a way the episodes can be in chronological order in the fridge? I’m not a fan of random.

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They had the option for chronological sort until just recently, I’m guessing they were tweaking something and it affected the way date sort works. With any luck, it’ll return.


Yes, that is what we are currently discussing =)