Video Store: Runtimes for Shorts?

Technically a VHX site request since the video store isn’t live in the Gizmoplex yet. In the descriptions of the shorts, it would be nice to have the runtime listed since shorts can vary so much in length. With the shorts being a standard price, it would be useful if someone is trying to decide which one(s) to buy.


How are you accessing the VHX site? I see the runtimes on the shorts the same as the episode. (desktop computer running Chrome)

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Which takes me to

I don’t currently own any of the shorts, if that makes a difference.

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What I see is this on the overall product purchase page:

Then this on the individual purchase page:

Yeah. that’s just weird. I go to the same page and see this:

So I get runtimes for everything, but I don’t see any way to download the shorts at all. (I think I’m supposed to be able to do that??)

Are you using a computer or an app or a mobile device?

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The shorts aren’t available to download yet. So that’s why you can’t do that. Wednesday, short 1 goes up for download.

Do you own the the season? Is it possible that the runtimes only show for those that have the episodes owned by their account?

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I backed at a level to be able to download season 13 if that’s what you mean. Do I understand that you are looking to buy episodes/shorts piecemeal and you did not back at a level to be able to download as they become available? That might be the reason, but it still seems odd.

Maybe @ivan can shed some light on this for us. :slight_smile:

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Right, I don’t have the whole season pass. I was planning on pretty much chipping away at buying the episodes/shorts as I can over time.

Ahh, gotcha. Well, that could be why you don’t see runtimes, but it still seems a bit strange.

If I go to the VHX home page, and click the “view all” at the right:

I get this page: NEW EPISODES ALL YEAR LONG // $4.99 to RENT // $14.99 to OWN - MST3K: THE GIZMOPLEX

And there are no runtimes there. Looks like an oversight. It was set on one page and not another. Hopefully @ivan will know how to fix it, or can pass along to VHX to fix it.


So, here’s the weird thing – and we’re still trying desperately to figure out how to make this less complicated, while working within the limits of how Vimeo OTT can be configured.

If you see the text below that says “1 item”, that means you’re looking at a list of PRODUCTS, rather than the videos inside of a product.

For example, if you click on SEASON 13, where it says “16 items” under it, you should then see a list of all of the content in it, with runtimes listed, because the site is showing the runtime of each video included with that product.

But, since we also have a “product” for each episode – each containing a single video file, which is the episode itself – you have to click into the “product” (essentially the bag that you’re purchasing, with whatever video(s) come inside – and then you’ll see the duration.

Does that make sense at all?


That more or less makes sense.

The easiest solution I can think of would be to just include the runtime in the plot description, just so it’s right there and easy to see. With the main episodes, it’s not really that big of a deal since most of those can be pretty much assumed to be roughly 90 minutes, give or take. I just figure with the shorts, it would be nice to have it easy to see when browsing for purchasing.

It’s a minor thing in the grand scheme of things and once the video store in the Gizmoplex is up and running, it will probably be much more clear anyway.


Wow, that is impressively complicated. It does make sense if I squint and cock my head to one side, but I’ve also had a glass of wine tonight. Not sure if that’s helping or not! LOL!

The important thing is we know why it’s doing it so we can work with that.

Cheers, @ivan for the explanation. :slight_smile:


In the mean time, a silly, but effective, solution would be to rename all the videos to have the run times included.


Or, if the page has the directive of “[insert description here]” then it could be changed to “[insert description here] ([insert runtime here])” so no data has to change, just what is displayed.