Viewing Numbers

Can the app or the site track how many times an episode has been watched?

How many times have we all watched 1301 now?

What about the Vault Picks?

What episode has been watched the most since everything went live?


I have so far watched Santo twice, and two of the Vault Picks, but that’s because it’s been a very busy week! I plan to watch Santo at least once more and the other two vault picks before the Manos event next week.


I’ve played Santo all the way through I think 4 times now, but I only really watched it once.

The first time was the live stream and I split a lot of my attention between it and the live thread here.

The second time was a few days later after it was posted up. I watched it all the way through with my wife. (She left partway through…she likes shorts, but movie-length riffs tend to lose her.)

The other two times were straight up just because there’s something almost hypnotic about the dubbed voices in the opening scenes with the scientists dismissing Santo’s time machine.

I tend to watch most of the episodes that way, honestly. Background noise with favorite parts when I’m alone, not doing anything but watching and laughing when I’m with someone else.

That’s why it’s been so cool that my kid hit the right age to start enjoying them just as the new Netflix seasons came out.