VIP Ticket/Afterparty: The GRAND FINALE

SQUEE!!! I just got the email with the VIP Ticket information for the Grand Finale at the theater in Pennsylvania! I am so excited!!! Is anyone else going to that?


I really wish I could have afforded it, but I kind of did the best I could with my Kickstarter $ with the level I went in on last year. It’s a shame, too, because I’m in the Philly suburbs not too far from where this will be. But no regerts even if FOMO!

I did the VIP party in New York after the 1101 premiere because some one couldn’t go and they gave it away to a grateful stranger who was me, so I can say firsthand that the parties are amazing and to get to meet the cast and crew was a joy. You’re going to have so much fun!


I’ll be there!


sighs You and me both, as it’s also too expensive for me. Man, it would’ve been so cool to take a photo of me with all the bots. In fact, I’m picturing it right now.


I’ll be there


Well that’s two other people… guess I should go ahead and find a hotel near the theater now.

ETA: Question for the group at large; is cosplay encouraged at this shindig? I’ve used my Jonah jumpsuit at every live event I’ve gone to and I don’t want to break the tradition!

I also need help deciding who to bring… Tom or Crow. I have replica puppets of both, but I’m only one person; I can’t bring them both. Last time I went to a live event I brought Tom; time before that it was Crow. So should I just take turns with them and bring Crow this time?


Cosplay is always encouraged!


Sigh! I have a ticket but it’s looking like it is too expensive for me just to get there. Between hotels, airfare and possibly renting a car, it’s not looking good. Still trying to crunch the numbers but yikes!


Oh no! I hope you can still make it!


Air BnB and Uber? That might help with some of the costs. The airfare is the tough one, yeah.

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Unfortunately, I’m to far away in VA to offer an air mattress to crash on. I’m geographically unhelpful.

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Yeah, I’m crunching all the number and trying to think outside the box. It doesn’t help that I’ve already got a con I’m going to the month before and one in February, so I’ve got those expenses already dialed in. Still, I’ve got a week or so to try and figure this out. Fortunately, I did get to attend the LA premiere for season 11 so at least I’ve done one already. Thanks for the ideas though.


Might be time to build a GPC

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I’m going, too! Just bought my plane tickets. I’m going to stay in Philly for a few extra days since I’ve never been. I haven’t gotten a hotel yet, and I’m not sure if I’ll need to rent a car to get to the theater if I stay in Philly or if there is public transit. Any advice would be wonderful!

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Sadly I am not all that mechanically capable. I can put together puzzles and small metal models of things, but that’s about the extent of my building abilities. I didn’t even build my Tom and Crow; I bought them off eBay from a guy who makes them.

What about a GPC2? She’s lighter and more maneuverable, after all.