VIP Ticket/Afterparty: The GRAND FINALE

SQUEE!!! I just got the email with the VIP Ticket information for the Grand Finale at the theater in Pennsylvania! I am so excited!!! Is anyone else going to that?


I really wish I could have afforded it, but I kind of did the best I could with my Kickstarter $ with the level I went in on last year. It’s a shame, too, because I’m in the Philly suburbs not too far from where this will be. But no regerts even if FOMO!

I did the VIP party in New York after the 1101 premiere because some one couldn’t go and they gave it away to a grateful stranger who was me, so I can say firsthand that the parties are amazing and to get to meet the cast and crew was a joy. You’re going to have so much fun!


I’ll be there!


sighs You and me both, as it’s also too expensive for me. Man, it would’ve been so cool to take a photo of me with all the bots. In fact, I’m picturing it right now.


I’ll be there


Well that’s two other people… guess I should go ahead and find a hotel near the theater now.

ETA: Question for the group at large; is cosplay encouraged at this shindig? I’ve used my Jonah jumpsuit at every live event I’ve gone to and I don’t want to break the tradition!

I also need help deciding who to bring… Tom or Crow. I have replica puppets of both, but I’m only one person; I can’t bring them both. Last time I went to a live event I brought Tom; time before that it was Crow. So should I just take turns with them and bring Crow this time?


Cosplay is always encouraged!


Sigh! I have a ticket but it’s looking like it is too expensive for me just to get there. Between hotels, airfare and possibly renting a car, it’s not looking good. Still trying to crunch the numbers but yikes!


Oh no! I hope you can still make it!


Air BnB and Uber? That might help with some of the costs. The airfare is the tough one, yeah.

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Unfortunately, I’m to far away in VA to offer an air mattress to crash on. I’m geographically unhelpful.

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Yeah, I’m crunching all the number and trying to think outside the box. It doesn’t help that I’ve already got a con I’m going to the month before and one in February, so I’ve got those expenses already dialed in. Still, I’ve got a week or so to try and figure this out. Fortunately, I did get to attend the LA premiere for season 11 so at least I’ve done one already. Thanks for the ideas though.


Might be time to build a GPC


I’m going, too! Just bought my plane tickets. I’m going to stay in Philly for a few extra days since I’ve never been. I haven’t gotten a hotel yet, and I’m not sure if I’ll need to rent a car to get to the theater if I stay in Philly or if there is public transit. Any advice would be wonderful!

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Sadly I am not all that mechanically capable. I can put together puzzles and small metal models of things, but that’s about the extent of my building abilities. I didn’t even build my Tom and Crow; I bought them off eBay from a guy who makes them.

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What about a GPC2? She’s lighter and more maneuverable, after all.


I just got word from my new job that I am approved for that time off, even though it’s in a crunch time (monthly audit), but God love em, they’re making an exception for me.

I’m crunching the numbers extra hard and almost afraid to look at the hotels and flights. Also, I haven’t flown since 2019. The trips I’ve taken since were all done by driving myself. I don’t think I can handle that long of a jaunt in winter weather! But dangit, I have waited too long for something like this.

tho let it be known that sometimes YOLO is really expensive

(…I gotta put together some outfits too.)


I got a pretty good deal from Delta. Just buy your ticket as soon as you can.


Ask yourself if you’ll regret missing the experience or the money more.

I couldn’t really ‘afford’ the trip to Rhode Island a few years ago for the Film Fest (all the way across the country for me), but I managed to put it together and I never regretted the trip.

Doubly so now that because of COVID I may never travel or go to another live show (I’m high risk and much as I love MST, I’m not willing to die for it).

We all make these kinds of calculations - it’s not always simple.


Well, we’re closer to this being finalized for me. Plane tix are booked. I am hoping to get a nice booster/flu shot combo next weekend so that can percolate.

I am contemplating doing an art drop at the theater, but we’ll see. It won’t be as much a drop as it will be “Where’s Waldo” but you gotta find ME.

Also, aside from a couple people I’ve talked to outside the forums, I dunno who else that I know who will be there. So I guess it’s time to make some more new friends, right?

hashtag smittymakesnewfriendsintheaudiencechallenge2k22