Vip tickets contact info

I have vip tickets.(yeah!!) Is anybody else having problems reaching future beat? I have emailed them 4 times over the last month with no response.

I was going to email them tomorrow, but it seems I shouldn’t get my hopes up for a response…

Emailed yesterday with no response (yet) other than auto response. Perhaps too soon for me to chime in, but that’s concerning. I’d like to know when to arrive :slight_smile:

That is the question I had, I will be flying in and would like to know what time for the VIP stuff. I noticed they don’t even have Portland and Eugene listed on their site. Also it looks like they have a lot of complaints on the internet…I thought it was from the pandemic but now I wonder.

If anybody with the tour has actual contact info for future-beat it would be appreciated.


I got a text from future beat at noon the day of the show. They sent a link to final instructions which had the timing. It also asked for t-shirt sizes (and said to send that in no later than 24 hours before, but I got the text 8 hrs before curtain).

For us, curtain was at 8pm. For VIP meet and greet arrival time was 530 and they started the meet and greet at 6pm. We had about 15 min of questions then pics and went back out into the lobby until they started seating. They also asked us at VIP check in what t-shirt size we wanted. I would wager the texts will start to come out sooner as they get into the groove.

I don’t know how other times work for other shows so please don’t take this as the rule, just sharing how it worked in Cleveland.

The cast was super nice and we really enjoyed the show! They are all funny and seemed very genuine and they can sing!


Thank you! You were so detailed and such a help. I am flying back from the east coast and just needed some idea of timing. Glad you enjoyed it. I am really looking forward to it. All the new cast is really great.

Thanks agin.

Glad I could help. This was my third one, but this time I took my dad (he got me into this as a kid) and I was nervous because I didn’t want to mess anything up! It meant a lot to go with him.

So I just received a nice (and very apologetic) email from future beat about the show. I emailed them 10/31 and they replied today. Their email:

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us! We sincerely apologize for this delayed response, especially as it is coming after the event. While this delay was due to an unprecedented amount of traffic, we still never want a guest to wait for necessary information from us, and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. We hope you enjoyed the event, and if you need further assistance, do not hesitate to reach back.

So, there you go. There auto text I referred to above gave me the info the day of, and the theater helped as well so all’s well that ends well but I did want to close the gap. :grin:

Thanks. Still waiting for a response from them. Really looking forward to the show. Maybe the Thanksgiving Marathon will last me until then.