Virtual Meet and Greet - Who's Had Theirs?

Did anyone here spring for the ten minute zoom call with one of the crews?

I just finished my call with Jonah, Rebecca, Hampton, and Baron and I was having so much fun!!! They are so fun to talk to!! We had an awesome conversation and it was just so easy and flowed constantly; I’m pretty sure none of us stopped talking for the entire ten minutes! If you had a zoom call, please share how yours went; I’m curious!


This was the reward I always wanted, but couldn’t pledge for 'cause of how expensive it was. Either way, congrats to those who got to meet one of the casts!


That sounds like a lot of fun. They all seem like great people to pal around with :grin:


I was able to schedule the first one! I also got to zoom with the Netflix cast too. They’re my absolute favorite cast so it was a dream come true. I was nervous but they put me at ease. They’re all truly great people I wish I had more time to hang out with them.

@ivan i can’t thank you enough for facilitating this.