VIRTUAL SET VISIT #1 VIDEO IS UP! Check your email if you got this reward!

The news is in the title, y’all – the virtual set visit from the writers’ room is up in glorious HD video. We apologize for the delay, the process took longer than expected, but we hope the result is worth the wait!

Check your email for the link (fyi, it’s not the same link as before) and the password to see it.

Enjoy! And as always, we welcome your feedback!


Thanks @Lesley !


Awesome! This was very fun to watch and felt like a real peek behind the curtain. Can’t wait for the other set visits to see more of the creative process!

Also looking forward to revisiting these after the next season premieres to see how jokes evolved. Very glad to have this recorded for posterity.


Are we able to download it as a video file or is this merely a location to view it again?

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Only available on streaming, unfortunately. We want to be respectful of the fact that a lot of people pledged extra for access to watch these sessions… And the second it’s downloadable, it’ll be hard to keep it from getting posted everywhere, which isn’t fair to those who did pledge for access.


Hopefully it won’t go away now that it’s up. I agree I’d love to rewatch the riffing section once that short officially drops!