Virtual Set Visit #2 An Outstanding Success

Kudos to Ivan, Leslie, Jonah and the gang for a terrific virtual set visit.

Attendees got to enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at production of the new season, including a nice big slug of the recording of the riffing for the upcoming Gamera movie. Over 80 minutes of raw footage was shared with us. Afterward, Jonah and his fellow directors joined fora Q&A notable for the amount of interaction—-some of it live on-camera—-with the fans. The live chat accompanying the event turned into a riff-fest as well, a nice meta moment.

Guys, THIS is what we were hoping for: a unique, fan-friendly experience that made backers feel like part of the MST3K family. My young daughters got to ask questions on camera and were absolutely thrilled at how nice everyone was. It reminded me how awesome it would have been as a kid to talk to someone I’d watched and appreciated on television. It’s like the TV talking back to you. My oldest daughter is a huge Gamera fan so getting to see some of that upcoming expirement delighted her as well.

The technical execution went off with nary a hitch, making this a fully-immersive few hours. Having it on a Saturday made it easier for fans to take part. The questions and answers were insightful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us be part of this wonderful event. Your commitment to the fanbase is a big reason why we’ll always be there for you. There are many great fandoms out there; Make Mine MSTie.


ah your daughters were fantastic— I had wished I could have asked a Q or two (just not the right backer status), but had a great time. The current whirlwind of activity means these are still some insanely busy folks; ep pick-ups, tour wraps in ten days, then Tim and that crew finialize their S13 shooting, then not long after is the launch, and then and then and then, and I’m sure for Lesley and others it will mean an influx of new online activity on top of their other work and roles, too… crazy days! Appreciating their time on…


It was a joy to be with my fellow fans to nerd it up and it made me even more excited for the Gizmoplex. Your daughters were adorable and they just looked so happy to be there. How fun for them!


I had to work.


The set visit was great, in fact, way better than last time! The only downside is that my question’s been unanswered… again.


Fortunately the recording of it will be available to those who were eligible. It’s well worth checking out


And boy, I liked that NEW TIM better than InstaSelfieTim!!!1111111;-)


How dare you.


So glad everyone enjoyed it! @Teflon93, your daughters were great! Excellent questions from them and the rest of the lovely people we talked to.


What’s your question? I can try to field it here if you’d like.


There’s more to come; I hope you get to ask yours next time!


And we got some nice views of Crow’s new blinking eye mech!


This is the question I don’t think I’ll ever shut up asking.

Will we see more of Waverly and Growler in Jonah’s episodes, including The Christmas Dragon?


I agree with the kudos and add more to the pile. It was well worth delaying dinner to watch it all! Very informative and interesting.

My only (albeit minor) gripe was having only the single camera view for the on-set stuff. It would have been interesting to see the whole setup, see who’s where behind the scenes, etc. If I were really on set, I would’ve been trying to get an eyeful of everything.

But some is better than none. Not sure if I could say the same about raisin snails yet.


@timryder Perhaps you could answer mine? We were curious if the theater segment teleprompter gave delivery notes with the lines (like “in a Marilyn Monroe voice”). Thanks!


Not to give too much away, but I think fans of Waverly and Growler will not be disappointed this season.


Yes! When we write (and then format) a script, we include as much information as we think the riffers need to nail the joke, without inhibiting their ability to freely play and make it their own. So we’ll often include a note regarding delivery or even stating what a riff is referencing, just to make it as clear as possible. And those notes typically end up on the prompter to help the riffers as they go through dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of riffs in a pretty short amount of time.

In fact, there’s a whole style guide we wrote up for this season to help new writers get the hang of things and to make sure things were standardized between writers rooms! If I love one thing, it’s proper formatting!


Oops. Missed it. :frowning: I need to read my emails…

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Amen to that!

Thanks for the answer! I’m impressed with them being able to get through so much with notes. Without them, I’d start to wonder if they were really regular human beings…


Sounds good to me!