Virtual Theater opening a day early?

Mucking about today, Crow informed me of the following:

Is the theater really opening a day ahead of time? If so, does that mean we need moderators in place for the chatrooms?


Looks like they fixed this! =)

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That still shows the doors opening 24 hours before show time.

No that’s just the time difference. You must be in the Central time zone. I’m in Mountain. It’s still a day before the episode premieres.

Oops, I thought yours said Thursday! But it says doors open on Thurs May 5th…show next day. Weird…can we hang out in the theater and eat popcorn while we wait??

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Or they are opening the Gizmoplex to non-backers, give them a chance to look around and get used to the place?

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Sure I can see opening up the whole of the Gizmoplex a day early to give folks a chance to look around and find stuff, but my question was specifically about the theater opening a day early. Usually, Crow stands guard until a couple of hours before the curtain goes up.