VR MST3K app?

So I recently decided to join the legions who have sold their soul to FaceBook by buying an Occulus Quest 2. In the fishing game I bought I can open a YouTube screen in game and watch MST3K while fake fishing. This is actually far more entertaining than I expected, and got me thinking. How awesome would it be to have a MST3K VR app!? While I’m hardly a luddite, I have exactly no idea how hard it would be to make, or what would be necessary to put it on Quest. But I know I’d be willing to plop down the money to buy it, especially if you could open a dedicated theater for you and your friends to riff movies. Anyone else interested in something like that for the Gizmoplex?


Joel mentioned the idea of VR during the Kickstarter as a, “maybe someday,” kind of idea. He really said that, right? I’m not making that up?


I just realized, you could potentially watch “Fishin’ with Rifftrax” while you VR fished… The future is a wild place.


No. Just… please, no.

Dedicated VR immediately cuts out and excludes a large group of people from ever discovering or trying the content. Mixed content with a VR option is… better… but then the question is how will a separate VR experience in it add value.

Granted, it’d be sorta kickass to have a SoL you could dive into and tour around. But… realistically, how often would someone really use that? The Vive comes packed with some amazing little worlds that are novel when you first load them up and then that’s sorta it. They’re good to have on-hand when having someone try out VR for the first time but they otherwise collect dust.

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Didn’t mean as a soul access point. Just an add on. I imagine it wouldn’t be too hard or expensive considering the “experiences” you’ve mentioned. A MST3Curio as it were. Honestly I was thinking use the netflix style sitting in front of a screen experience, but allow for multiple people in the same “theater”. Hell, even just the shorts without commentary to riff with friends would be enjoyable, and would be easier than the full movies I’d imagine. Then again, as I stated I’m one lost brain cell from being a luddite. LOL

@Diogenes : Are you a Plex user, by any chance? If so, have you given the VR watch-with-friends option a try?

What is this witchcraft of which you speak? I understand most of the words, just not the order you’re putting them in. LOL

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Well, you know what they say: It’s always the last place you look.

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I saw somewhere that a pinball game was made that you can put onto your computer. I don’t understand it much, but it has mostly positive reviews.


Another fun option is the vr app Big Screen(currently free in beta)

It takes a little more finagling - while it has options to rent and dedicated streaming channels for shows like TNG and MST3k you can also upload your own files like the Netflix series you got during the first Kickstarter.

There are like 9 different theatres including grand movie houses of the day of yore, stadium IMAX style, and sci fi futuristic with visions of space outside skylights

It’s pretty great (you can also change seating and watch with a friend if they have the same file)

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