Waiting on the Member Service bots

I got my invite to the Virtual Theater on Wednesday (Backer #8629) and immediately signed up and clicked the verification link in the email from the concierge. 48 hours later I’m still waiting on the member service bots to let me in the door. Signed in and out multiple times, tried another browser, no love. Any ideas?

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Have you tried asking for it to resend the verification email? It took two tries before I got mine.

(also the obvious, of check your spam folder)


I haven’t been able to find any way to request a new verification email. When I’m logged in I just have a page with a welcome message asking me to wait 5 minutes then sign out and back in. The only thing I can do from there is sign out. I did try using the ‘forgot password’ link to see if that would shake anything loose but after resetting my password via that I still just end up on the waiting page after logging in.

To be clear, I did get the ‘verify your email address’ email after intitally creating my account and followed the link in it, and the response page acted like that part all worked properly.

Hmm, if the verification email worked, you might need to contact the team directly: kickstarter@mst3k.com


Same here. I got the invite, I signed up, I got my verification email and clicked it. That was almost two hours ago, and every time I try to sign in, I’m back at the original instructions page for signing up.

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Random techy tip, try to open in an incognito / private browsing window / tab. Then try to sign in. May be an add-on in the browser affecting it.

Update! I’m in now and it’s niiiiiiiiiice. I sent an email asking for help and they did something magical, I suppose.


On my 3rd attempt to activate Gizmoplex account , I noticed that, each attempt added a new link in my email (all clustered together), BUT instead of the newest link appearing highest on the list, the newest was appearing lowest on the list. So, my previous “That’s an old link” failures were because I had been clicking on an “older” link without realizing it.
Once I clicked on the “lowest”, “newest” link: success!
See ya in the Gizmoplex!