I’m sure there are Wakaliwood fans on here. Isaac Nabwana had a passion to make movies. The problem was, he lived in a slum in Kampala (Uganda) and had no money.
So he sold everything he had, took a job making bricks to raise a little more and cobbled together some equipment. Add in some friends who were martial arts movie fans and self-taught action stars in the making, and he was good to go.
Sadly, many of his movies are lost, as he had to erase them from his computer after making DVDs to sell, because he had to clear hard drive space for his next project.
This, however, is the one that escaped Kampala and got global exposure. Who killed Captain Alex? was made for about $200 and features “video joker” Emmie providing riffs in the Ugandan style. Enjoy!


This is sooo cool! Has @TheBindingPolymer been alerted?

Here’s their follow-up to WKCA.

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Plus they also record deranged trailers and other stuff, often with fans who go to visit them. Like this…

I’m trying to remember if I found out about Who Killed Captain Alex through the YouTuber I Hate Everything or not. I feel like I saw some of the clips before his review, and then watched it after he put it out.

Despite it being on “Search for the Worst,” he has a lot of positive things to say about it. He even bought merch!

Once upon a Time in Uganda.

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