Was the app going to be coming to Samsung TVs and next gen consoles?

I thought that was discussed and that goal was cleared, but the email today doesn’t mention them.

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Pretty sure consoles were never part of the plan.

I only ever remember hearing the usual suspects: Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, Google TV, and the like.


Gizmoplex apps were unlocked at the ~$3M mark and the six chosen platforms have been public since the start of the campaign. These were reiterated in the April 2021 update.


While the gaming consoles are not included, they do have web browsers, so they could still be an option. Not as convenient as an app, but probably still usable.

I also recall during the kickstarter that the team are absolutely open to further app integration in the future. They’re just starting with the big ones.

I’m not very techy but I imagine it is quite a bit different to build an app for a game console than for android, for myriad reasons

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The other big challenge is the vetting process. Different platforms different rules and procedures for getting an app on there. Not always fun

And when the count of platforms increases, each with their own procedures, you have to start thinking about release engineering. Or, rather, it would be the recommended approach to not completely bog everything down.

The consoles alone would basically demand release engineers, plus time commitment because getting a :+1: or :-1: from format QA has to be scheduled and at least one (probably all) console manufacturer requires $$$ each time something goes through test (and every version, even a small patch-up job to fix something, has to go through a full test cycle).

Of course, a lot of that doesn’t need to be on Alternaversal’s shoulders because they opted to use VHX. It’s up to VHX to decide if they wanna head down those routes; currently, they are not.

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