Was there no December 4 update?

Unless I missed something, I was wondering about the digital kickstarter rewards

I also thought of the same thing, and I think I know a few reasons why.

  1. The cast and crew’re still filming episodes for Jonah.
  2. For people who got the Virtual Set Visit reward, the second visit will start somewhere around this month.
  3. … I don’t know.

Plus, the gang just got back from Turkey Day break last week.


As if a switch had been turned! As if an eye had been blinked! As if some phantom force in the universe had made a move eons beyond our comprehension! Suddenly, there was no word! There was no newsflash, no bulletin, no thing called “Update” to be followed.


Sorry, couldn’t resist Monster a Go-Go-ing.

Also, what @SuperCutie said, Turkey Day break and all.


I am hoping the update for this week is an exciting one since we missed two weeks of updates, it’s understandable though with the holidays and them being busy with filming and such. Mabey even a link for us to be guinea pigs for the gizmoplex beta :wink:


Well they did post a special Turkey Day update, but it was quite brief compared to their usual updates… so yeah them skipping saturday came as a bit of a shock.

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O-O your right! I forgot about that one. Ok so it’s been a week without an update but it feels like an eternity T-T


I’m usually patient when there’s a delay, but there are times when I’m impatient. And now my inner thoughts are starting to groan.


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