"Watched" and "Personal Rating" selections

Hi. I feel sure someone else has mentioned this, but I can’t seem to find it, so I’ll run the risk of being repetitious.

Would you please consider adding options to the Video Fridge where we can press a button or assign a tag that shows what we’ve already “Watched”? I’d like to be able to “check off” the episodes I’ve already seen.

In addition, it would be nice to assign a personal rating. I don’t find community ratings all that useful - what I like isn’t necessarily what anyone else will - but I’d like to be able to look back at an episode and go, you know, for instance, “The Pod People - is that one I liked?”



This, but can it animate like you’re scratching hatch marks in the wall or something like a proper prisoner?

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If you want this feature, don’t just comment! Make sure you vote for it. The web team is using your votes to prioritise upgrades. :slight_smile:

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Oh ho, I didn’t realize that, time to go :heart: reach some good ideas!

I use a service like TV Maze to track all the stuff I watch, but it would be nice to keep track in the Gizmoplex as well. (It already seems to remember my viewing progress across apps and devices, so maybe that can be leveraged?)

Also, though the episodes have many components that can be rated separately, there are many “best MST3K episodes” lists across the internets that generally agree. So maybe a personal rating feature, maybe also aggregate those to give the new folks some idea of a good starting point?

Or if you’re really keen, make a full survey like in the King Dinosaur viewer mail :melting_face:
Edit: mostly joking about the survey.

That seems like a perfectly good idea, ArkhamNative - but a very different one. Mine is really about keeping track of things for myself at a fairly straightforward and simplistic level.

I think people who really enjoy rating different aspects of episodes, contributing to community ratings, etc, are going to want a much fuller set of features on top of what I’ve already described - but some of us who want one set (the smaller, more personal one) will not necessarily want the other.

Yay! I just got done adding all of the MST info over there. I also write the weekly rating article for them. :slight_smile:

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