We Have UPDATE SIGN!!!!!


My Personal Highlights:

  • My “close, personal friend”, Beez, is joining the writing team!
  • Joel is delegating updates to those that know most about that part of the production process (translate as MOAR UPDATES!!!)
  • I learned a new word - “autodidact”
  • @Lesley ROCKS them glasses, and is an excellent “susser”

In a nutshell, it basically introduces members of the team and explains that updates will be more regular, just not necessarily written by Joel himself. And that they are very happily busy working on all the cool stuffs.


Always great to read another update! Getting just that little bit more excited for MST3K’s return!


Mega public shoutout to Ivan (I-van THE-man) for being such a mighty decent human being.

During the first MST3K Kickstarter, I went all-in for the VIP screening in NYC. Later, when my offspring’s dance recital schedule dropped and was in direct conflict with the screening date (shed a salty tear), I sheepishly reached out for help. I’ll always be a dad first.

Ivan was understanding and so gracious - he allowed me to switch to the LA screening at the now-closed Hollywood Cinerama (amplify salty tears), so I could still take in Reptilicus and attend the after party and just have the most wonderful, memorable evening.

He could’ve said “nope” or “tough Tribbles” or “should I know you?” But he didn’t. He took care of a lifelong MST3K fan and fellow human being, and I remain forever grateful. Thanks, Ivan.


Ivan is actually magical, can verify.


I love everything about that story. It makes me proud to be a MSTie.