We Went BEYOND Blu-ray: Season 13 1440p Episode Download Appreciation Thread

I don’t know if we’ve ever had a dedicated thread made about this, but I want to give huge credit to the crew for making 1440p episode downloads available for Season 13 thus far! As of right now, every episode has a 1440p download option for those who have access and it’s (literally) awesome to see.

This may also imply that there are 4K transfers of many of these movies available…if so, I sympathize with the crew at Shout who had to supervise the (apparent) 4K transfer of Munchie :grimacing:

All silliness aside, I was pleasantly surprised with how good the movies looked in the Netflix era, especially on Blu-ray. It’s almost like owning individual, standalone Shout Factory releases of the individual movies themselves. They’ve been knocking it out of the park for years and tend to put a lot of care into their releases.

Just wanted to express my appreciation for having these full-res versions available. Having higher-than-1080P downloads of Season 13 episodes is an awesome privilege, even if I’ve already signed up for the eventual Blu-ray box.


Fellow digital hoarder fully supports all dis here…


I only have 1080p eyes, so it’s all wasted on me haha