Weekly Update, 10/11 -10/15: A report from the first week on set, and a message from Joel!

In this week’s update, we’re bringing you a look at the first week on set, some details about the possible IATSE strike, and a message straight from Joel himself earlier today, when he had five minutes in the green room to write. Let us know what you think, friends!


Yay! My topic was in the update! Thanks, Lesley!


I posted this on the Kickstarter update, but I am curious: Why aren’t you using a union crew? It’s excellent that you’re supportive of what IATSE is asking for (as you should; their demands are a no-brainer), and even better that you’re already adhering to their terms. But why not use a union crew?


Thank you so much for throwing in a few production set pics! Took a huge sigh of relief seeing a physical desk for Emily and bots to stand behind- yes please to as much in- camera, real world sets as possible! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see how this all comes together!

I wonder if there are any plans to show a “trailer” or sneak preview for season 13 (before Turkey Day that is)?

Something like:



We’re just gonna have to wait for that. We don’t want to be spoiled by the surprise!


That was a great update. Enjoyed seeing all those photos.

Thanks again!


Update 42 the week of the 42nd birthday of HHG2G? :thinking:


Thanks @Lesley and crew! It’s awesome that things are actually moving ahead of schedule. Keep the momentum magic happening!

A side note - I was beginning to worry that Jonah’s weight loss was due to a tape worm or similar. But as he’s now a Director, it’s probably just the switch to an all-cocaine diet. Stay frosty, Jonah!


Another great update!

There was filming! Of stuff!

I do wonder though, with the tight schedule of filming their episodes and then going on the road, is Emily’s team okay? I meant the stress level must be pretty high for that group, learning lines for filming, (200 pages in a week?!?) then having to learn a whole separate script for the road show. They must be pretty close to collapse.


Hey, Lesley. I saw in the Final Countdown II that the show would start highlighting fan letters again. Have you guys released an address that we can send them to?

P.S. Thanks for all the updates you and Ivan do. I look forward to reading them every Friday night when I get off work. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’d be great if they brought back the original PO Box, even if everything had to be forwarded to one they can actually check daily…


I’ll never forget the zipcode for Hopkins, Mn. 55343.


@Lesley here are some suggestions for your set photos question:

  • what’s happening off camera when you’re rolling?
  • not sure if this would ruin the magic too much, but what’s it like for nate and conor while they are performing?
  • what’s the snack situation on set?
  • is there a place where performers and crew can relax when they are not needed on set?

i will always be a drama nerd at heart so i really love seeing all things behind the scenes


Thank you for the update. Honestly, any photo is a good photo. Show me… Morning coffees, solving problems, people hanging out on a break, someone teaching someone else. What do the bots do while nobody’s looking? Oops, all selfies!

I appreciate that you guys actively choose to treat stage hands like human beings even without union rules to make you do it. Doing the right thing is the right thing to do, but doing it by choice means a lot more than being forced to.


I’d like to see some pics of the puppeteers working their magic.


Also, I request a pic of the craft services table, just because. :upside_down_face:


I’m also throwing in a vote for seeing the puppeteers at work and knowing what kind of snackage you have on set. Also what everyone looks like at the start of the day vs the end of the day. This sounds like intense work! Thank you all for the updates and being so in touch with the fans. I’m super excited to see what you make!


+1, because this is my favorite BTS image from the original run.



I remember this photo blew my mind the first time I saw it!


We’ve recorded the riffs for four episodes and half a dozen shorts, and are now on our second day shooting host segments – which actually puts us 1-2 days ahead of our schedule.

Wow!! Y’all are fast!

I never realized how much green screen was involved nowadays which makes me a little sad but I’m sure it’s more cost effective (especially with lumber prices being what they are right now).

I am always, always curious as to how the puppeteers are set up so if you need ideas for set photos that gets my vote!