Weekly Update, 10/4 -10/8: PRODUCTION LOOMS!

I always thought it was until I started playing in more MYSTie circles and it was never brought up. And we did time it once, the rock climbing goes on for more than 30 minutes. (even the soundtrack gave up. :wink: )


The link below should bring you over to let one see all Turkey Days to date (with episode lists for each year)


I agree it would be great to see some off the beaten path episodes.

Part of my joy of Turkey Day was not “knowing” which episodes might play. I don’t mean you couldn’t find out the episodes that were going to play that year.

As mentioned, we’ve gotten to a place where it often feels like certain episodes will probably be in the rotation. Not a bad thing, but I really enjoyed the days when I’d be surprised to see things like “The unearthly”, “Teenagers from outer space”, “King Dinosaur”, “daddy-o”, “ring of terror”, war of the colossal beast", or “Hercules Unchained” in the rotation.

Variety is the spice of life… and he who controls the spice, controls the Alternaverse.


yeah that’s the one I was looking through, but I’d like to have a list of eps all on one page, rather than having to click links and go back and forth between pages.

EDIT - I’m working on something, post it soon.

And here it is, for reference - a list for them all, then a list for those not shown, and one for those shown… Master List of Turkey Day Episodes:


That’s not a production loom…

These are production looms!


anyone know if the remastered virtual set tour is still happening today?

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They said an email was going out some time today.

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Yeah, they said this afternoon. It’s 3:15 now. I keep refreshing the page, just wondering if I’m wasting my time or what.

It’s only 12:15 west coast time, though. And I feel like that’s what the schedule was for the event initially.

So I’m not going to forgo football, I’ll just keep checking my email periodically (between my disappointing fantasy football results).

Would it be west coast time though? I thought they were broadcasting from Philadelphia.

It may be. But I know a lot of the writers are Los Angelinos. But idk if Ivan or whoever is uploading the video is also…

Well it’s 5 o’clock here so it’s gotta be 2 on the west coast and still no video or updates…

Well, that still gives 3hrs until “afternoon” “ends”.

And we all know not to assume too much, at this point. It will arrive when it arrives.

Much like a wizard, it arrives precisely when it means to.

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If we can’t stream the turkeys from Riding with Death, I’d happily settle for the good and beautiful floating chicken nuggets of Phantom Planet. Whatever we end up getting, I’m excited!


Obscure is good. It brings exposure to some great episodes that many may not have seen often (or ever).

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Would love to see a season 1 pick… “Robot Monster” or “Robot Holocaust” would be excellent.

To live like the hu-man… to be the hu-man…


Count me in among those voices, too - I love Phantom Planet and think it’s an underrated Season 9 gem.

Riding with Death would be aces as well.

But yeah, it’s MST3K Turkey Day! Anything we end up getting will be totally and tremendously awesome*!

*offer not valid with The Castle of Fu Manchu

It’s one of my favorites as well… someone is still living rent free in my house long after his time in the spotlight


Does he still give his best wishes to everybody? Also, glad to hear he’s atomic powered… good to know he’s not burning coal.