Weekly Update: 11/19 - 12/3: How about those season 13 movies, huh?

i’m sorry, i’m going to need some more information about GETTING STABBED IN THE CHEST WITH AN X-ACTO KNIFE.


It’s a pretty good one, though it goes rather over the top with Gordon’s obsession with grossness (his case is even more extreme than Del Toro’s obsession with slime). I really like the Lovecraft adaptation he did for the Masters Of Horror series, Dreams In The Witch House.

Pretty regularly. I have Lights Out (along with Nightfall and The Goon Show) queued on my Bose wireless speaker and I like to play these old shows when I’m cooking. Naturally they are melodramatic and may seem less subtle in ways to modern listeners, but like classic old ghost stories they are unencumbered with artifice and metatextuals, unlike more modern works. They are purer entertainment in that regard. So if you can put up with some occasional hammy acting and wonky science, they remain quite a pleasure. All art is a mirror of its time, after all.

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I’m eagerly awaiting the new season; the lineup looks to be SPECTACULAR. One thing though; when are we going to know which host is doing which movie? I’d like to be able to try to marry up a hosting style to a movie in my head in advance of seeing the episode if possible; any chance of a list like that coming out?

I was intent on watching all the films first. But I started 2 of them and just couldn’t do it. (I’m looking squarely at you, Munchies.)

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Luckily you probably don’t have to have seen Munchies to watch Munchie (which is what they’re riffing).

I think the movie selections have been pretty strong since the show came back (yes, I’m an Atlantic Rim apologist). For some of the longer Comedy Central seasons, there were always a few episodes where it felt like they just had to grab what they could to fill their order. And though I’ve no doubt that things like that have popped up in this season, I’d argue there’s a big difference between Munchie and The Castle of Fu Manchu.


I also am an Atlantic Rim apologist.


I feel heard and listened to that they finally got Gamera vs. Jiger. Y’all have some more Officer “Cornjob” Konchan to look forward to! (I’ve been lobbying for this for years.)

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Also, Milliion Eyes of Su Maru needed another go round. They got too fun a movie too soon on KTMA. This time the riffing will be better, though I’m iffy on if it’s better or worse Asian culture sampling than Mighty Jack or Castle of Fu Manchu. If memory serves me at all, I rank it slightly above those and slightly beneath Time of the Apes and Fugitive Alien or Star Wolf.


i am legit excited for more cornjob

I saw Robot Wars on VHS and Munchie on cable. I look forward to seeing those!

A 3D movie on MST3K? Too bad Jonah and the bots don’t have 3D glasses…or do they?

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Has there been another change to the update schedule? Did I miss something?

I think they changed their Saturday schedule to Monday, as I too thought that they changed something.

This lineup looks very likely to cause DEEP HURTING.