Weekly Update: 11/8 - 11/12: Filming has begun in Los Angeles!

Hey hey hey, here’s your weekly backer update, piping hot from the update oven. As always, share your questions and feedback below!


Thanks again for the update! Always neat to see those behind-the-scenes photos!


Looking forward to learning what movies we’ll see in season 13. That’ll add to my Thanksgiving cheer.

Thanks for the updates and photos, and nice to meet you Sarah Mitchell


I’ll be more than happy to volunteer for the Gizmoplex’s beta test!


Jennifer Lawrence Volunteer GIF


But I do have one problem, though. I unfortunately have no coding experience whatsoever, so I guess this is gonna suck.


Love the pics, love the news, love to volunteer for that beta.

Also, somebody please help me out. I don’t twitter, I’m some kind proto-dinosaur. In the photo of Max, underneath, there’s this thingy:

Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 8.17.34 PM

Does that mean Twitter thinks this is Frank Conniff as TV’s Frank? Is Max’s ascent complete?


I kind of thought the purpouse of the gizmoplex WAS to create a brand new streaming service from scratch…ala say a small version of netflix heh. now i’m a tad more confused on to what it might actually be other than a base website :).

still can’t wait for it though :).

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It’s a new service, built on top of existing technology - that’s the platform part. Building a new platform isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel, but it’s close. You can use existing platform parts and then customize on top of that. If I understand correctly, that’s the plan here.


“ We’ve got a few final tour dates:”

I’ve got a bad feeling about this….

I don’t think there’s going to be a show in my area.

Again… I’ll bring homemade goodies for the cast and crew? Wait… Is that helping or hurting?


Thanks for the update!

Somehow I’m not surprised that recording space is LA is smaller than Philly and costs the same. It doesn’t look much larger than my living room, I hope that’s just the angle of the pictures! :astonished:

Wait, I thought @timryder was directing Jonah’s episodes? He got a taste, didn’t he? LOL! Everyone always wants to be a director.

@NotTVsFrank I think that note under the image is either Frank and 4 others retweeted the image or like dit or something. I don’t twitter, either, so not 100% sure.

Guys I’m glad you’re trying to get those last rewards surveys in, but I think you’re either being ignored or these folks don’t seem to care. Only so much you can do to get them to fill out the necessary paperwork.

Gizmoplex news! Coolness. Willing to beta test. And yes I’m getting more and more confused as to what this is supposed to be. I thought it was supposed to be a streaming platform for the new season as well as any old episodes we have (BTW any word on when we will gain access to the digital rewards?) but now it seems this is a wrapper for another site??? Like I said, confused. :slight_smile:

Nice to meet Sarah. Now you can add costuming robots to your CV and watch the raised eyebrows when people see it! :rofl:


This. Building a new streaming platform from scratch would require a HUGE amount of money and work, and also a much longer period of time to develop, and our goal is to get these new episodes in front of your eyeballs as soon as we can. A relatively tiny amount of the funds raised in our last campaign are being spent on the Gizmoplex, as we wanted to prioritize the episodes first.

That said, the further we get in imagining what we want the Gizmoplex to be, the more ambitious it’s becoming! Hence wanting y’all to understand that the Gizmoplex is an idea that will grow and evolve over the coming season, and hopefully beyond that.

But RIGHT NOW, our biggest priority is making sure everyone who pledged to get Gizmoplex access can see the premiere episodes and the special live events we are planning. Doing that in a timely and cost effective manner means building on top of existing technology. But we still think y’all will be happy with the result! You are, after all, the reason we are making this season in the first place.


These updates are always so detailed and interesting, so thank you so kindly for that.

Also also, SO HYPED FOR THE GIZMOPLEX :smiley:


So happy there comin back to MA, I NEED to see this again. Would love a RI stop but Worcester is doable!!


I’m a one-person petition to bring the tour to PPAC (or heck, I’d take the Columbus) but so far I’ve had no luck. :joy:


THOSE WOULD BE PERFECT!! I join this petition!


I’m still hoping for a NWFL date announcement?

Did I mention the homemade goodies?


And yes I’m getting more and more confused as to what this is supposed to be. I thought it was supposed to be a streaming platform for the new season as well as any old episodes we have (BTW any word on when we will gain access to the digital rewards?) but now it seems this is a wrapper for another site??? Like I said, confused. :slight_smile:

My understanding is sort of like, well, think of this forum.

It’s clearly an independent forum. You can get straight here without stopping elsewhere. It is themed around MST3k and has at least some proprietary logos and such to mark it as distinct. But it’s also built from another source… MST3k didn’t build the forum from the first command line up. It still took time to customize to how they wanted it. They’re still hosting it and moderating it and, if they desire, they will continue building on it as they feel necessary.

Now, I admittedly say this as someone with minimal tech skills, but I see the gizmoplex as similar to that. It won’t quite be only a re-skinning, like a geocities homepage, but it will, instead, be built from existing tech bases. Maybe more like turning a Lego set into your own creation? Combining Maruchan Ramen and Rooster Brand Sriracha with an egg to zazz it up, instead of making your own noodles, broth, and sauce? Something like that.


This is a good analogy. It’d cost a lot of time and effort to make your own noodles and sauce. You could absolutely do it, but might have something inedible the first time or three. Using store-bought noodles and sauce won’t give you gourmet food, but you’ll have lunch, and adding that egg will make it your own.


I’m ready for the Gizmoplex. MST3K is available all over the place, and that’s cool, but I like the idea of having one place to go that’s specifically made with MST3K in mind. And also I know when I buy or rent things from there it supports the show as directly as possible.

REALLY hope I get into that beta test.