Weekly Update Appreciation Thread

I’m sure when Lesley and Ivan post the weekly production updates in the forums here people give them thanks.

But, I don’t think there’s been one centralized, big old, sassy and brassy post that says, “Thank you- we REALLY appreciate all you’re doing!” So, since it is the season of giving thanks, so let’s correct that right now.

I can only speak for myself, but these weekly updates are EXACTLY what I was hoping we’d get with the original Kickstarter to “Bring Back MST 3K” and then “The Gauntlet” Pledge Drive.

I know with all you have on your plates right now, it might seem demanding that each week you have to write up another update to the fans but these check-ins and behind the curtain moments are what really what make things feel “interactive”.

It creates a connection that feels the same way the old fan club did when it would send out quarterly letters, or the way that our own fan mail might, if we got really lucky, get read on the air. Getting these updates just cements that the production really sees and values its fan base.

I’m sure there might be moments where you ask yourselves, “Do fans really want to know about the movie rights? Or our budgeting goals?”

The answer is yes- because, in some small way, it makes us feel like we’re in “the know” about our favorite Cowtown puppet show.

And it’s not just us individually. Each Friday (or possibly a Saturday :wink: ) we are getting those updates and sharing in that exciting experience with all the other Misties at the same moment.

We’re all one big family- differences and locations aside. We all are here for the same reason.

So let me say again, “Thank you for the updates. Keep up the great work!”

What do you think sirs?


You bootlicking little toady. Wish I thought of this first. :wink:

EDIT: Just in case the wink isn’t conveying it, this is actually a nice thread and a good idea. I concur with the sentiments.


I love getting that Project Update every week. It’s fun to see where the production is in their schedule. It’s exciting to see those sneak peeks of what the various rewards will be (even if I couldn’t afford most of them). People out there in the world might have an inkling that a new season of the show is coming, but we’re getting front row seats to the enthusiastic madness that is creating an MST3K episode.

So yes, thank you @Lesley and @ivan for taking the time to take pictures, interview your fellow crewmates (I so enjoy those as well!), and give us those little sneak peeks behind the curtain.


Agreed, it’s been really cool to see it all play out. My wife and I are both fans and she always likes it at the end of every week when I tell her about all the cool MST3K news.

Turkey Day voting has also been fun! We moved across the country this year and no longer live near family, so we’re kind of planning our entire Thanksgiving around Turkey Day this year, ha.