Weird (And Usually Bad) Movies On Youtube

My work involves staring at the computer all night long. Naturally, I spend much of this time (when not reading or actually working) searching for weird movies on YouTube (which is a treasure trove.) Peplum films, Eurospy, Blaxploitation, Horror/monster/science fiction, etc. Just to start the ball rolling, here’s my latest treasure:

My review:

Holy Wednesday AKA Fangs AKA Snakes (1974)

Eccentric combination of broad comedy and horror of the “animals attack” subgenre.

Our antihero is Jim W. “Snakey” Bender, a grizzled old coot who drives the most beat-up car you’ve ever seen into town every Wednesday. He lets the local schoolchildren, with the co-operation of the teacher, feed mice and birds to his collection of snakes. The local preacher objects to this. Snakey then gets his groceries from a store owned by a sister and brother, both of whom, by the way, try to seduce the schoolteacher. He then goes to the home of his buddy the sheriff, so they can blast John Philip Sousa marches and march around to them. He then goes to the home of the schoolteacher, so she can enjoy the attentions of his biggest snake, Lucifer. (I’ll leave that to your imagination.)

This Wednesday routine is interrupted when the sheriff gets married to a stripper. There go the Sousa marches. The store owners find out about the schoolteacher’s kinky habit. There goes his visits to her house, as well as getting his snakes fed by the children when the preacher finds out.

It’s time for Snakey’s revenge!

It’s a genuinely weird film, often very funny. More entertaining than it has any right to be.


Here’s a few suggestions for you!

Beware! The Blob

(Yes, that’s how it’s punctuated.)

I have so much I can say about this film, but I’ll just say to watch it. Then read about it. Because the stories behind it are as big of a trip as the movie itself. It’s the only sequel to a movie where the original movie is playing on TV during the sequel and you’ll never see another Larry Hagman-directed horror movie that begins with a cute kitten and has a pointless Shelley Berman comedy routine in the middle.

If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?

Schlock movie director Jerry Ormond found Jesus and decided to go down to rural Georgia to make the Christian version of an exploitation movie about what will happen when the communists invade America. Everyone in the movie (bar one lady) is physically ugly. That alone is kind of amazing. Why do the communists ride horses and drive trucks behind them? I have no answer to that question.

V Trinadcatom Chasu Nochi (13 PM)

I don’t understand Russian. You probably don’t understand Russian. I doubt it would make this movie any less insane. Like we’re talking Forbidden Zone-level insanity, complete with musical numbers. The director, Larisa Shepitko, made award-winning serious films aside from this one.

The Phantom Empire

A movie serial where singing cowboy Gene Autrey fights the raiders from the secret underground kingdom of Murania, but has to keep getting back in time to do his radio show.


Despite what Crow might claim, Olsen and Johnson were pretty funny. In fact, this movie’s first 15 minutes or so is some of the most anarchic comedy ever put on film. It settles down after that, but it’s still a lot of fun.


This movie. This friggin’ movie…

Finally, this one isn’t all that weird, but I’m including it because it is one of my favorite movies.

The Gunfighter

So why am I including it? Despite the name, it is a Western where one single gun is fired one time.

Great list!

I actually saw “Beware! The Blob” in a theater.

I’ll have to check out that religious thing.

“As weird as ‘Forbidden Zone’” is . . . pretty weird.

Oh, yes, I’ve definitely seen “Maniac” and “The Phantom Empire.”

“Hellzapoppin” is quite delightful. Not as insane as the live stage show, by all accounts, but plenty bizarre.

A while back, we watched every Gregory Peck movie, so I’ve seen “The Gunfighter.” (Not to be confused with Roger Corman’s feminist Western “Gunfighter” of course!)


I’m not exaggerating.

I uploaded a couple of short clips a while back to show people just how insane this movie is.

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I wanted to like this one more than I did. Gets a little too nasty by the end of it (not gory, just kind of 70s grimy). You can watch it for free but you can also see a better quality version if you have Shudder.

And he’s technically on the lam. It’s also probably the only place you’ll ever encounter the phrase, “Vicious party of research scientists.” At least outside the context of procuring grants.

One more point of interest. Remember that episode of Futurama where Fry and Leela are on the planet of human-hating robots, so they disguise themselves as such? Turns out Smiley Burnette and Peter Potter beat them to it. Though there’s no scene where one of them takes a whizz and another robot offers to patch up the fluid leak. Even if there had been, those killjoys at the Hays Office were gaining clout at the time and would not have been amused


Got a fun story about that serial. I used to work at a recording studio which had a lot of antique microphones and we decide to all watch The Phantom Empire after work one day. So we get to the part where you see the shot of the elevator going down to Murania and my boss jumps up and says, “just a second, I’ll be right back!” He runs downstairs to the studio and comes back with a specific antique microphone, the same make of microphone that was used as the elevator in the model.

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I just saw the “Footmen” thing. Wow. Anti-Communist splatter film combined with That Old Time Religion. The preacher specifically warning against dancing as the first step to adultery was . . . interesting. I knew the Bad Girl was going to change her ways. Little kid getting his head chopped off – Wow!

Just to prove that not all weird movies are bad:

Dreams That Money Can Buy (1947)

A bunch of avant-garde types – Max Ernst, Alexander Calder, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, etc. – worked on this experimental, surrealistic art film. There’s a plot, of sorts. A guy named Joe sells dreams to people. That leads to seven segments of strange images, sounds, music, and narration. Sometimes mysterious and evocative, sometimes innocent and playful, sometimes satiric, sometimes comic. Not for all tastes – you have to be patient with long scenes of spinning disks – but beautifully filmed in color. Recommended.

And movies that are bad, in an enjoyable way. Possible riffing target, in a way sort of like I Accuse My Parents

Youth Aflame AKA Hoodlum Girls (1944)

Tame exploitation cheapie. Two teenage sisters. Bad sister drinks and goes out with a no-good guy who, shockingly, gives her a slip as a present. He also gets her to steal her father’s gun. (Dad is a bank guard. No, there’s no bank robbery.) Friendly policewoman helps the good kids start a “jive club” (no booze) which is apparently very near a nightclub (with booze.) No-good guy spikes the kids’ punch with gin, the cops raid the place. (This happens offscreen.) This causes one good girl to be whipped by her mother (offscreen) so the friendly policewoman has to find her a new home. Meanwhile, no-good guy tries to rob somebody with the gun (offscreen.) It all leads up to our semi-tragic ending.

Less than an hour long, but half the running time, more or less, is used up with various nightclub acts. These are more interesting than the plot, since the camera always avoids showing anything dramatic. Bad but amusing.