Weird Dreams of the Night

Dreams and me are weird. I usually remember what I dream each night.

Sometimes it’s a common dream. I’m at school again and can’t remember what class to go too, or I forgot my back pack/can’t find it. Other times, my car gets stolen. constantly :).

Sometimes I’m a guest actor in a movie or TV show, a nd go to a convention, and none of my cast mates remember me.

Last night was a really weird one. I was ‘awake’ but other people’s dreams where coming to life as ghostly images. Someone was dreaming that housewives from 50’s and 60’s sitcoms where doing their house cleaning with vacumes. Another person was dreaming about a team of Ninja Basketball players. a third person was dreaming about an opera, only this had action and sci fi stars in it like Spock and Arnold signing with roman head gear. very weird.

a few nights before, I dreamt I was at the jersey shore…but somehow could see NYC off in the distance. there, was the Stay Puft Marshmellow man, and we where so scared he would make his way here. he eventually somehow did, but before he could do any damage, he splattered himself, saving the town. go figure.


I have a recurring dream that I can’t find a public bathroom with doors on the stalls. Most of my dreams consist of me trying to convince someone who has wronged me that they did something bad, and them ignoring me. Or the ones where I’ve got a Master’s degree and I got sent back to highschool because it turns out I didn’t have one or two credits, and they are going to chain-revoke all of my diplomas if I don’t finish them. I once had a dream that ended with a chimpanzee trying to perform a transfusion of its green blood to save a dying man. Do I have to spell out that most of my dreams are nightmares?2

I find that most dreams translate into an expression of a particular anxiety… not always a specific cause, just the anxiety itself (fear of abandonment, fear of being taken advantage of, etc.). And it isn’t always obvious which anxiety is at fault. That model would likely apply to a lot of your dreams. But the dreaming-other-peoples’-dreams dream… that is lovely, and sounds more like your sleeping brain was being creative (and meta).