Welcoming people: making the forums we want.

Ok, I’m assuming the forums are going to get more active as more people clue in. I’ve been seeing a lot of those first-time-post signs.

Here’s an idea: when you see that someone has posted for the first time, follow what the little box above their post says and directly welcome them. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes when you actually hear the words from a person. Imagine that you are a shy, socially awkward person who is anxious about posting here, and your first post gets a nice “welcome, it is good to see another mistie here!” Wouldn’t that make you feel like participating more, and being positive about it? This is a way to make a better, more inclusive, more supportive community., and I say we might as well try.

One thing: please don’t everyone do this every time. One welcome, maybe two, is probably enough. If others want to pile on they can just “like” the post. We definitely don’t want to logjam the forum!


You mean that little announcement thingy does something? I thought it was just a banner. :flushed: I’ve been liking the post not knowing the banner was more than a banner.


@LadyShelley Oh no, it is just a banner. I meant that you should add a response post welcoming them.

Sorry for the confusion, some my brain times puts in the wrong order and leaves out…


Somebody’s checking in?!?


Just so long as they don’t sneak out in the middle of the night (it is a very popular choice.) :smiley:


Y’all can welcome these newcomers. Imma gonna sit on the porch with a shotgun fulla rock salt.


Damn smoochers!

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