Well Done April Fools’ Jokes

Let’s face it. While there pranks like “Voltswagen” and “Mic Drop” that have backfired — hard — there are some that had a bit of thought and care put into them and gone on to become legendary like the BBC’s “Spaghetti Harvest”. What examples of the latter can you think of? Please provide link(s) if possible.

To get the ball rolling, here’s one I found today on YouTube:


Well, there’s always that time the Guardian made the world’s biggest typography joke, Sans Seriffe.

As for jokes that I’ve seen today, well, the YouTube music channel I follow, SiIvaGunner, is …doing something interesting, taking old videos, and giving them another go.

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Back in the day, Wizard Magazine usually had some great April Fool’s gags in their magazine. Whether it was Alex Ross doing a Wonder Twins comic or the Preacher/ Hostess Fruit Pies ad, fun shenanigans abounded.

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I’ll repost this here…
The dj i used to listen to when i was in the navy in Charleston SC did an April fools day prank (April, 1991 to be exact) where they were giving away $100 bills to each person that would drive up. All they had to do was come to this intersection that didn’t exist :rofl: On top of that they set their clocks 25 minutes fast making people think they were late for work :laughing:
Most people thought it was hilarious, some not so much. One guy called in and cussed them out, and even the north Charleston police called the station about 104 calls from people asking for directions, not to mention people rushing and speeding to work because they thought they were late…
It went over very well and there were no accidents that we were aware of.

Donald Knuth of computer science fame has been sending out checks “hexidecimal certificates” drawn on the Bank of San Serriffe since 2008 to the first person to find each error in one of his texts (books, scholarly articles, etc.). They are highly prized.

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Sega released this nifty whodunit type game…


Youtube 2008

April Fools Prank GIF

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