We're collecting your favorite riffs and screenshots for the WHOLE series, starting with episodes 101-105!

The episode library will be a big part of the new Gizmoplex! As such, we will need to create promotional data for each episode, to present on the “shelves” of the library.

Some of you may remember the old Rhino VHS copy covers, which featured an image from the episode, as well as a riff in talk bubbles.

Our “cover” probably won’t look exactly like this, but we’d like to have some screenshots to illustrate each episode, as well as a representative riff.

Collecting iconic screenshots and favorite riffs for the entire series is a huge undertaking. But it occurred to us that if we spread this task out across a community of volunteers, it might be easier to do quickly — and a little more fun.

So that’s where this category comes in: we’d like to ask MSTies to help out, if you have time and inclination to do so! Each post will list five episodes we need screenshots and riffs for, starting with season one.

You can submit one to three screenshots in comments on each post. Please keep your images at minimum 800px x 600px and 72 dpi. File type does not matter. YES, screenshots of host segments are welcome too!

If you’d ALSO like to throw in a favorite riff, choose one that’s relatively short. Remember those old VHS examples above as a guideline, and include the timestamp of where it happens in the episode. Ideally the riff should make sense when used in context with the screenshot(s) you’ve chosen. Riffs are optional, though, and if you’d rather just share screenshots, that is fine too.

All of this info will be collected and may be used in the Gizmoplex library! Your contributions are greatly appreciated, even if you can’t participate on every post. There’s zero pressure to do EVERY episode. That’s why crowdsourcing is awesome! Whatever you can do will help.

Here are the first five episodes to get things started:

101 The Crawling Eye
102 The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy
103 Mad Monster
104 Women Of The Prehistoric Planet
105 The Corpse Vanishes

Thanks so much, team!


The only one of these I have is 104, bit I’m on it! At least, as soon as I get home from work :smiley:


Any preferred file type? PNG? JPG?


Nope, we can convert as needed!


@Lesley, 800 x 600 is greater than the native resolution of the original episodes, so screenshots will have to be scaled up to achieve this. Are you saying this is the smallest size you’ll accept?


If you need digital copies, let me know.


The Crawling Eye:

“Very retro! Needs more color, though…” (Joel, 22:02)


Oops, you make a salient point. Let me circle back and ask. Thanks a million for your patience and for pointing this out!


Roughly the 38 minute mark

3:21 mark. It’s the best commercial I’ve ever seen - I’d eat there.

Women of the Prehistoric Planet - no caption, just a neat image and a test to see if I can follow basic instructions :smiley:

Side note; Wasn’t this the entire plot of the alien prequel ‘Prometheus’? Just throwing that out there.

PS: Find me a digital copy of Final Sacrifice; I want to screencap the heck out of that gem…


This is a wonderful idea! It’s stuff like this that makes everything very exciting for all that the Gizmoplex represents and can do.

It’ll be awesome to contribute riffs and screenshots for all the episodes, and to see everyone do likewise!


Episode 104 Women of the Prehistoric Planet - the obligatory Hikeeba! 49:56

Quotes (for the whole movie):

Hikeeba! 49:56

Don’t just do something, stand there! 30:00

I never knew lizards were so darn flammable 39:45

When did he become an idiot? 50:09

I’m not just for breakfast anymore 106:30

Alternate pics



Edit: forgot time stamps (this is from rifftrax website, so there is a lead in of Kevin talking about the episode)


101 The Crawling Eye

Crow at 1:19:05 - “Mine eyes have seen the gory!”


102 Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy

Crow at 1:23:30 - “The only thing diabolical about this guy is his acting.”


103 The Mad Monster

Joel at 1:00:39 - “You think you got problems? None of my clothes fit anymore.”


101 - The Crawling Eye

(around the 7:01 mark)

Climber: “His head! It was torn off!”
Servo: “You say that like it’s a BAD thing!”


Couple random thoughts:

  • Always gets to me how weird Theater Crow looks in Episode One.
  • Season One is so casual, Joel spends most of Episode Two slouched over his chair!

Yeah, Crow’s head is all funky-looking in The Crawling Eye.

And those early episodes were so laidback. That is conducive to relaxation.


104 Women of the Prehistoric Planet

Joel at 37:57 - “Their technology must be light years ahead of ours! Their use of stock footage is amazing!”


101 - The Crawling Eye

(riff approximately at 1:18:46, image approximately at 1:18:50)

Crow: “Well, all eyes are on the observatory now!”


105 The Corpse Vanishes

Crow at 34:20 - “Well, here comes Meals on Wheels.”