We've Got Cookie Sign!

Ah I get it. I wonder if PB2 would work as well. I must try it.

Today I’m making a deep fudge crinkle cookie that a friend made for the holiday’s and I hounded her for the recipe for months. Now I have it and it its chilling in the fridge before the bake. I’ll upload a pic when they are ready.

Thanks for the inspirational posts!

You could maybe use PB2 to get something with the consistency of tahini to mix in!

Yeah that make sense. My Mrs has a love for peanut putter and we have it in all versions here at home.

So here’s my first batch of Crinkle cookies. They smell of dark demon deliciousness!


Programming note: I’ve got something figured out for Demon Squad that will make you sit up and take notice, but won’t have time to actually bake it/write it up until I’m back from vacation after the premiere of Gamera vs. Jiger.


I assume the theme for Demon Squad will be “abandoned Pizza Hut”.


What is it? What is it? I must know!!!

Missed these when you posted. Yum! :drooling_face:
May have to make a batch months earlier than normal now… (these are a Christmas favorite in my family)

Thanks. They are so fudgy and perfect and all gone :frowning:

I neglected to take a picture before they went into the oven.
They were 12 perfect White Dots and I missed a chance to share that.


This thread was not what I was expecting. I thought it was “Wow, this forum has a ton of bakers, here’s where they’re going to show off all the cookies they make!” I was not expecting one user’s season-long project to make different varieties themed to each of the season’s episodes, and that is so much better. I’d love to see it keep going with stuff like “My non-MST3K comfort show I fall back on when things happen, and I’m going to make batches that are themed to the main characters/their character arcs/my top 5 favorite episodes”. Encompassing increments at your discretion of course


I’m back from vacation!

Well, I’ve been back from vacation for a week, but finally had time to bake the thing I figured out and it also wasn’t a million degrees outside, so it finally felt worth turning the oven on.

Given that this was Joel’s return to the SOL, a proper celebratory cake seemed in order. Except that I don’t really do celebratory cakes - I’m more of a snacking cake type of a baker. This is where Texas Sheet Cake comes in.

I said it’d be something that would make you sit up and take notice, and as we learned in the intro to the episode, nothing makes clients sit up and take notice like an Arnold Palmer!

This is an Arnold Palmer Cake - iced-tea flavored cake with lemon icing, topped with a candied lemon slice. Enjoy!

(Gamera vs. Jiger will be here once I get a chance to watch the episode, which I’ve been holding off on until I finished this - one bake at a time!)


I’m going to hide my guess as to what the Gamera vs Jiger dessert will be, and we’ll find out if I’m right once it’s posted.

A take on chocolate turtles with miso to highlight Gamera’s Japanese origins

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Not a single Pizza Hut element to be found!

I worked at Pizza Hut in high school, so if you think about it, every recipe this season has a Pizza Hut element.


I think what people are trying to request is a cookie with a ring of cheese baked around the edge.

Stuffed crust cookies. You got this.


Are you talking about a cheesecake cookie?? Do go on!

Don’t threaten me with a good time :joy:

Been there, done that :smile:

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Great news!

After my plan A (which might end up being another Gamera thing, once this season’s baking projects run out and I need other inspiration) fell through due to timing/ingredient unavailability (I’m still waiting on my black sesame paste to show up), I used this as direct inspiration for plan B, Double-Chocolate Miso Caramel Turtle Cookies.

They’re super rich (with a nice salty note from the miso in the caramel), but since they use rye flour, they’re healthy-ish, kind of. Hooray for whole grains!


Howdy, all! The cookies for The Batwoman are figured out, but not yet baked - it’s been a busy workweek. They’ll be up shortly after Sumaru, since the long weekend gives me plenty of time to get things finished.


It looks like they’re trying to escape.