We've Got Cookie Sign!

I made another batch of White Dots


Recipes will be fully online after this weekend, but I’m all caught up!

Inspired by the Danish-Spanish mashup of seeing “Reptilicus” pop-up in The Batwoman, we’ve got movie sign Caramelo Småkage. Half Danish Butter Cookie, half alfajores, 100% delicious.


and, based on The Million Eyes of Su-Muru’s sketch with all the acronyms, here’s some PBJ Streusel Bars for your snacking pleasure - they come together PDQ and AFAIK they’re the best riff on Hjónabandssæla I’ve ever made (NBD).


You sir are a steely eyed cookie man!


If I ever find out where you live, I’m moving next door. :drooling_face:


Man these all look so good. I think the Munchie ones are my favorite idea so far.


As promised, recipes for the last few episodes:

The Batwoman

The Million Eyes of Su-Muru


Howdy! Just popping in to say that I’ve got things figured out for the last three episodes, but some travel for work and a busy holiday baking season have left me without the time to execute on my grand plans. That said, I’ve got the week of Thanksgiving off and plan to make up for lost time (and sneak in a bonus for the super-stuffed marathon), so you’ll be hearing from me S O O N™.

(plus, I just figured out what I’m doing for The Bubble and it’s particularly deranged. Get hyped.)


Happy Turkey Day, All! The Bubble’s treat is still in the oven, but I’ve got a few episodes worth of updates for you, PLUS a Turkey Day special.

First, inspired by the super dark ending of the Sparks sketch in H.G. Wells’ The Shape of Things to Come, it’s Extra-Black Black-Bottom Peanut Butter Pie:

Next, I forgot to actually try shaping them into a mask, but the texture of the Mask from The Mask 3D made me think of Rice Krispie treats, so I made some Mask Krispie Treats:

and finally, for this holiest of all MST3k holidays, I made a savory treat instead of a sweet one. Based on the overstuffed, surgically enhanced nature of this year’s marathon (and its mix of old and new episodes), I surgically enhanced a bunch of my Friendsgiving leftovers and added another Minnesotan icon, Tater Tot Hotdish, to the mix to make a Surgically Enhanced Turkey Day Leftovers Casserole!:

this one turned out particularly well, especially since I listened to the part of my brain that was screaming IT NEEDS A GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE LAYER. Happy Turkey Day! Back soon with The Bubble.


You are truly an artist of the kitchen, my friend.


The hotdish, I… wow. I’m in awe. :star_struck:


Was just thinking we needed a recipe and then I realized you gave us one.


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I always give you the recipe, that’s The B-Side Promise™


My sister and I finally got back to our annual cookie baking tradition after a pandemic inspired break. From Friday to Sunday we bake cookies and bars. We shy away from fancy decorated ones and concentrate on flavor.
Here’s a few examples.

Cinnamon walnut rugalach with a yeast risen dough

Crunchy ginger snaps

A decadent bar cookie with 3 kinds of chocolate, coconut, pecans on a graham cracker base.


OMG your house must smell amazing. (PS I’m sure those cookies mail well. Nudge nudge! LOL!)


They do mail well but the postal service holds then for inspection and they never seem to finish their investigation :laughing:

Here’s a couple more

Cashew puffies with roasted cashews and sour cream

Caramel bars with an oat base, chocolate chips, nuts and a homemade caramel topping. As good as it sounds!


I’ve got the last two cookies of this project mapped out, but they’re not going to be baked until after I’m back from holiday travels.

In the meantime, please enjoy this large cardamom bun:


I have a hard enough time getting a recipe right. Now there’s geography? Clearly, baking is not for me.


the first rule of cookie baking: location, location, location.


Folks, it has been several minutes, but I have finally completed this project!

Here’s your cookie for The Christmas Dragon, Dragon Snickerdoodles!

You may be asking yourself, wait, what about The Bubble? Did you make a cookie for The Bubble?

Yes. It lives in a liminal space where it’s technically a cookie I have photographed, but I feel ambivalent about the recipe as a whole. Learn more at the link!

If you’ve got other episodes you think I should riff on, let me know!


Your cookies always look :bomb:, and I love your hot take on The Bubble. It certainly is one of the movies MST3K has done, maybe even one of the movies ever.