WE'VE GOT UPDATE SIGN! Check out update #22 over on Kickstarter.

New update here! Joel talks about the writing process, and answers a few of your questions.

Eventually we will be cross-posting the actual updates here in the forums, but we need to resolve some formatting issues first. For now, enjoy the refreshing link above, and feel free to chat about it below.


New black and white movie coming!!! That’s Awesome. What are the odds it’s the 3d move “the mask” which is also from 1961?

That would be the BEST Halloween episode. :slight_smile:

So exciting to read that things are moving from still water to a simmer, in the coming months comes the boil.


Hey, it’s that awesome werewolf! Glad to see you here. :blush:


Thank you for the invitation Lesley! Still digging into the site, and realize this is the BETA test, but definitely liking the format and layout here.

A nice, “homey” feel so far. :wink: