Whahappa Roadhouse?

Everyone knows that Crow T. Robot’s favorite movie is Roadhouse. Why does he suggest several seasons later that Hobgoblins is a better movie? Is it a side effect of becoming pure energy? All those years alone on the SOL? The mostly unexplored influences of his roommate Helmut during that time? Why? Why? Why?


I thought he hedged his bet by saying, “You could argue that this is a better movie than Roadhouse.” That’s not a true commitment to change.

I think he was just messing with us. That would be the most Crow thing to do.

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From a logical standpoint, Crow’s statement “Based on my favorite movie, Road House” isn’t necessarily at odds with Crow’s statement “You could argue that this is a better movie than Road House.”

We may have films that we claim as our favorite movies while acknowledging that there are films that stand out as better movies.

Like… one could hold up the 1978 martial arts movie Five Deadly Venoms as their favorite movie in terms of sheer entertainment while conceding that, oh, say, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a better-made movie in terms of what it does with its narrative and technical aspects.

We kinda see some variation of this at the end of Jack Frost where Mike asserts that Any Which Way You Can is a funnier ape movie while simultaneously acknowledging that Every Which Way But Loose is a better-made ape movie.

Also, as @CLANG_Potroast said, it could very well be that Crow is merely screwing with us, which is very plausible. I mean, you know… Hobgoblins.


It’s the age old paradox of “Favorite” vs “Best” movies. Showgirls is my FAVORITE movie, but I consider Tokyo Story to be the BEST movie ever made.

However, Tokyo Story doesn’t have a single swimming pool sex scene, so that’s not the one I fire up for parties.

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Just to expand on that theory. The bots are obviously rather enamored with Patrick Swayze, who is in prime fighting form in Road House. So this could explain Road House being Crow’s favorite movie, while possibly not being as good a movie as Hobgoblins. For me, the mere presence of legendary blind blues guitarist Jeff Healy in Road House elevates the movie from mediocre to very good.

So, it is not beyond reason that Crow was not just jerking us around, but actually realizes that Road House has significant issues despite being his favorite film. Then again, well… Hobgoblins.


Isn’t he implying that, while you could argue that Hobgoblins was a better film than Road House, you would actually be a little foolish if you actually chose to do so?

That’s my take on it anyway :smiley:

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they are at least equally as entertaining

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My impression from the delivery was that it was a dig on Road House. Them’s why the why why why.

One could argue that Hobgoblins is a better film than The Godfather. One would have a hard time convincing me, however.


Hobgoblins is a great big piece of cheese, that knows it’s a great big piece of cheese. Roadhouse is a cliche filled piece of cheese that considers itself something greater.

Therefore, I agree with Crow, Hobgoblins is better

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One should not have to convince anyone of something so self-evident.

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