What are some of your favorite 'We dodged a real bullet with that one' moments where a different choice could have made an already bad movie much worse?

For Instance, I just read on Wikpedia (so take it with a grain of salt) that Tommy ‘The Room’ Wiseau wanted to direct the sequel to the 2015 Fantastic Four movie…

We dodged a real bullet there, I’d say

Dr Doom: “Oh Hai richards!”

A.J. “A Jerk” (the The Creeping Terror guy) getting to direct… well, anything more, really.

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Can we include dodged bullets that would have made a good/OK movie into a bad one?

George Lucas wanted American Graffiti to be the entire night in real time. Like, 6 or 8 hours.

Peter Jackson wanted a climactic scene in The Return of the King where Aragorn would fight Sauron hand-to-hand outside the Black Gate of Mordor.

In Return of the Jedi, Lucas (again) wanted Vader to yell “NOOOOO” as he pulled the Emperor off his son, like a character in a lame Saturday morning cartoon.

Oh, wait. He went back and did that one after he got big enough that nobody could say no to him.


Joss Whedon doing Wonder Woman. Enough said.


Yes sure, I was originally going to include that anyway

Also didn’t Lucas hate when Harrison Ford improv’d the “I know” line?

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Don’t you mean, nobody could say “NOOOOOOOOO!” to him?

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I think Shirley Temple in The Wizard Of Oz would’ve rendered the film unwatchable. Because even as a little kid myself, I couldn’t stand Shirley Temple.


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I liked Little Vicki better.
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We really dodged a bullet with The Hobbit, the studio wanted to stretch that thing to 3 movies!

(Please let me live in this denial)


Oh wow, thanks for reminding me about that mess!

They shot the scene, a lot of footage got recycled into the film’s climatic fight against The troll and The Mouth.

So it wasn’t wasted film!