What are you cooking?

Make us hungry, MSTie foodies. (Or is it foodie MSTies? MSTfoodies?) What’s happening in your kitchen?

I’ve had a hankering for Jamaican beef patties recently but if there’s a place to get a decent one around here I don’t know where it is. They’re my first try at pastries of any kind and the first several were super wonky, but I’m getting closer.


The most complicated thing I fixed this week was vegetarian tacos with homemade salsa. But they were tasty.


Nicely done crimping at the edges! Looks like you used a fork, and, if so, you seemed to get a nice seal. Job well done!

I’m sure there’s a place around where I live that does some, but they’re not omnipresent and reliable, and I do miss those as a snack or a meal in themselves.

I don’t really cook or bake anymore, so I have nothing to add but curiosity.

I suspect the beef/other patties’ orangish tint comes from the fat in the filling, or the fry medium, but I don’t know if the pastry itself is much different from a short-bread type dough folded a number of times.

What’s your frying setup like? Depth, temp, medium, etc.?


About to cook spicy udon stir fry with vegetables and chicken from a can. I’m sure it will be fine.


Thank you! The color of the pastry comes from turmeric which, if you’re not careful, will turn everything yellow. Forever.

Before making these I assumed they were fried, but the recipe I’m working from bakes them and they turn out more or less like what I’m used to. I did cut the turmeric in half as the recipe suggests you can, but only because I had less in the pantry than I thought. I’ll probably keep it that way from now on since it didn’t negatively affect the taste.


Does putting bagels in the toaster count?


Yummy bagels?


I think they’re yummy. Not without cream cheese though.


Hey, you applied heat to a thing and added an ingredient. That’s cooking in my book.


No kidding! I never thought to ask any of the pizza joints what they did, but I always assumed a hundred seconds or so in a fryer.

Good call about the turmeric: it’s a great spice, but Gawd help us all if anyone spills some of the powder on the floor. It can never be cleaned, those surfaces!

I guess that means it’s good for you!

Yeah, whenever I was making a blend using turmeric it was always condition hyper-alert to not make a mess.

Anyway, I’m as impressed as Bridget Fonda was with Robert De Niro at his having done a bank heist with Samuel L. Jackson in Jackie Brown.


Tonight I poached chicken for the first time, and added it to a pasta primavera I made earlier. Came out okay, I think- I seasoned the poaching liquid with smashed garlic cloves, oregano, salt, and a bay leaf and it smelled pretty great on the stove.

My next cooking experiment (and my new Dutch oven’s debut) will likely be beef burgundy. I also have a new cast iron skillet to christen- I’m thinking a seared bone-in pork chop will do nicely. I’m going to see if I can get some good quality meat from a local butcher tomorrow. Wish me luck!


That all sounds fantastic! One of the first things I made in my Dutch oven was red wine braised short ribs. It looked daunting but turned out to be pretty simple and was one of the yummiest things I’ve ever made. Let us know how it turns out!



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Most recently, made my homemade butter rum burger patties.

73-75% lean ground beef, dark rum, butter, spices, pressed into 6.5oz patties.

Other recent kitchen projects: chocolate chocolate chip biscotti, coconut biscotti, and pizza…


I’m no Jacques Pépin, but I did “prepare” a frozen pizza earlier today.

Pépin it is not, but he is no slouch neither when it to comes to preparing the foods of convenience!


Those burgers sound interesting—I’ve never cooked with rum. Are those an invention of yours?

The other things you posted in the Lounge thread a while back looked delicious, too. What were the pastries you made?


I baked a cake for my brother’s birthday yesterday.


That looks terrific!


And it actually tasted good too! I was a little surprised.


I also have to know! I can only reliably get 80% lean ground beef, at the fattiest. Realistically, I’m done with “shopping around” for various specialties, so I use what I can get close to home. And, no, I don’t grind my own anymore, regrettably.

I’m guessing just a splash of rum, some spices, and the exact weight of the patties is probably a guesstimate.

Which spices?

I want to know! Sounds good.

The moisture from the rum likely increases a uniform quality of cookedness among the burgers, as does the smaller size of the patty.

I think steam the buns while burgers are frying to absorb some of the aromas of the rum, but I don’t know.

You might be a genius!