What are you cooking?

This Godzilla Ramen bowl.

I couldn’t get both ramen and bowl in the same shot. Not enough picture. :joy:


That. Is. Awesome.


Dinner is ready for tonight’s watchalong!!

(the offending coasters are expertly covered my the veggies!) :laughing:



Gumbo with okra, shrimp and crawfish!


Ok…eff this carb free smorgasbord…I’m coming over for GUMBO!!!


Hey, what did Gumby’s Dad ever do to you?

I put some halved tomatoes in the slow cooker for three hours earlier today, with salt, pepper, smoked tomato balsamic vinegar, garlic & thyme.
I then strained the result, added some cumin, a little chilli, parsley and stock, to make a sauce for the lamb neck fillet that is now in the slow cooker. I think it might work out all right.


Cooked some beans to make refritos tomorrow. Picked up some ground lamb for lazy-woman’s red curry, too.

Of course, I spent a big chunk of the day trying to finish a couple of collages. So I never had a square meal. After waiting around in vain for Bart Fargo to drop in and take me to dinner, and after crying real tears over the price of Doordash, I found some leftover bbq-sauced tofu and threw together a sandwich: toasted whole-grain burger bun, some olive oil mayo and Dijon mustard, plus lettuce and red onion. Cracked open a pineapple seltzer, too. :partying_face:


Iberico pork collar steaks, steamed asparagus and carrot ribbons in a sage and sancho pepper butter.


Trust me, the combination is not that bad, but it is not quite as good as one would expect.

But it has a kind of nice sound to it, so I went for it.


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And the season is officially open! :champagne:


Randomly felt like making cupcakes, so I did. It’s been a few years since the last time I did that. Now I have nearly two dozen cupcakes and don’t know what to do with them all. I’ll probably end up taking them to work tomorrow or something.


You could send them to your MST forum friends…


Didn’t get any photos, but had spent a few days before my trip doing prep work for a dinner Saturday…

Cooked up a lot of caramelized sweet onions that went into some sliced grilled chorizo sausage (and roasted sweet peppers) and some ground beef taco meet.

Made a batch of refried beens, Spanish rice…

Had a great dinner. Didn’t have time to make any homemade salsas, but the store bought salsa was good.

And, the cake for desert was perfect.

Already making plans for next time. Maybe homemade manicotti???


Made, and tasted chicken tacos for the first time in my life. They’re… interesting, it has a more laid-back flavor, not as heavy or greasy (and I eat the leanest of lean beef). I think I prefer what beef brings to a taco, or maybe that’s just what I’ve been used to.

These are also sodium light, from the shell to the spices, so that alters the taste a bit.

But they’re good, not amazeballs, but good.

Went well with the watermelon chunks I had as a palate cleanser.


Rolled the last of my homemade vegetarian refritos in whole wheat tortillas with sharp cheddar shreds and ground up canned chipotles we had left from an earlier meal. After they came out of the oven, I added chopped cilantro, a few avocado slices, and a smidge of sour cream.

Not bad. Definitely better than using the microwave. I need more practice getting them rolled up properly, but they still tasted good.


I made hot dish! “Taco” hot dish (ground beef, beans, cheese, beans, tortilla chips, beans, salsa).

I heard beans were good for you, so I went a little nuts with it


Venison shank, in the slow cooker with shallots, carrots, celeriac, thyme, parsley, juniper berries and stock.
Mushrooms fried in butter, smoked garlic and a splash of mushroom ketchup.
Bubble & squeak.
Lots of gravy from the meat’n’veg, thickened with a little cornflour.