What are you cooking?

Fixed Lebanese-style lentil soup on Monday.

Now enjoying the leftovers, along with some tomato-and-cucumber salad, plus a few cubes of Feta cheese.


Tonight, I plan to make Salisbury steak with gravy from scratch.

This weekend, I want to try a new recipe - Dublin Coddle!

Dublin Coddle Recipe (allrecipes.com)

That’s one recipe; there’s a number of varieties such like with curry, tomato sauce, fried chicken, etc. I’m watching a YouTube video now that calls for some different items than the linked recipe above like carrots.

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Ox Cheek Rendang and plain Naan. Turned out pretty tasty.


That’s so cool! I just tried making naan for the first time yesterday! It’s a neat kind of bread.

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Shout out to airborne cephalopod! (@FlyingSquid ) making Blarney Puffballs. I would tweek this a bit, needs more salt, maybe less thyme… but yum!!!


I’m glad you enjoyed them! Although the ones at the Irish Lion were nowhere near that dark.

The mix is VERY soft/squishy. We tried them last night at a more “golden” color…but they were a little too soft. So, I tried to crisp them up a little harder this morning. I’m thinking more cheese, less butter, would help the consistency.

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Golden would be right, I wouldn’t call them soft, but not hard and crispy either. They would definitely bend a bit if you cut them with a fork.

An attempt at homemade pop tarts! This is my first time making something with pie crust where I didn’t find myself in tears partway through because of the dough misbehaving, so I’ll be happy if they turn out even just acceptable. The process was pretty easy. Also, I’ve only had the store bought ones maybe two or three times in my memory, so even if they are worse, I won’t know.


Sorry, Pop Tarts have to come from the Kellogg’s region of France. Otherwise, they’re sparkling toaster pastries.


The pop tart is an unfulfilling godless hybrid, but have at it. I’ll just be over here with my usual croissant. Or maybe a nice pumpkin muffin.