What are you cooking?

I tried making another Neapolitan latte at home! I tried a while ago and it didn’t turn out too well; I ended up going and buying one that day just for comfort. But today was different!
Instead of trying to make homemade chocolate syrup, I added a scoop of my favorite homemade hot chocolate mix, and instead of making homemade strawberry syrup, I used store-bought, and the coffee turned out even better than when I bought one! (and presumably less than $7 too.)
I need to start looking up coffee places’ menus more often, and then trying to make them at home, because I know I’m never going to have to order this one again. Anyone have any favorite flavored coffee orders to experiment with?


This was last Thursday whilst camping… but we made Dutch oven lasagna with Jen’s homemade spicy meat sauce!!


It’s cold out and I’m mad about it and I hate eggs today, so I demanded of my brother “quick, what’s a hot breakfast food that isn’t eggs?” and he responded with “fry chicken.”
So now I’m having homemade fried chicken for breakfast. With some fried potatoes (my brother’s second suggestion) in there too.


Six months? Wow. I thought even Alton Brown only gave it like a couple of months.

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In the televised episode, he mentioned starting the nog in June. (I think the cookbook recipe says you don’t have to age it at all, but you should do at least two weeks). We’ve done this before, and yeah, it’s really good the day it’s made, but it is sooooo mellow by the time it gets to Christmas.


I only eat frozen pizzas through June…pretty much.

Yeah, blah blah, I know how to cook, and even washed all of my dishes and batterie de cuisine over the weekend.

It’s that the portion control is exceptional, and it is easy to gauge my consumption of kCals. And aside from almost certainly too much sodium, every day after work, all of my clothes are covered with salt stains from sweat. Not concerned about that, nor am I “salt” sensitive particularly, as a condition, AFAIK.

Frozen foods. Always. Discrete quantities. More appetizing than a zoocake, but similarly transparent in terms of macronutrients and overall energy provided.

Anyway, to get my blood pressure down by 27 Jun, I think it’s my mass I should be concerned about, as well as alcohol consumption regardless of calories.

A pizza is sort of like a large biscuit with stuff on it.

Meh, it’s fine. Trust me, don’t worry about it.

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Where’s Mr. Han?

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I’m boiling baby toes.

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@jimmy_two_times. In case anyone missed it.

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I did miss that…that looks suspiciously like Sean Connery but alive and with a full head of hair, and a thriving career as a…IDR…a paper hanger or a pottery artist or something.

True fact: Sean Connery hated haggis. When he was a Highlander. I think that’s odd.

ZOMG! Me too! It’s really the sauce that makes it the perfect dim sum dish. Absolutely to die for.

/* ADDED GRIPE…I cannot stand Seth Rogen. Up with which I will not put. Granted, he was tolerable in Superbad and The Disaster Story. I’ll not say any further. I find him to be insufferable.

I would not have him darken my door. */

I dont feel you anymore.

Seth Rogen darkens your door.

Whatever your looking for.

I make my toes like gnocchi.

ZOMG C13 has a girly crush on Seth Rogaine!

That is totes adorbs!

COOKING??? Oh, the other half of a DiGiorno “Croissant” pizza with pepperoni…they were on sale of all things at my local grocer…1750 calories for one whole pizza…actually pretty good.

Having my signature cocktail, the La-Z-Boy…flavored electrolyte powder mixed with White Claw Surge, which measures in at a mere 220 calories per sixteen ounces. As a relative teetolaler these days, I hate myself in the morning, but…I don’t know…seemed like a good idea on the way home from work to pick up threefold cans of the demon liquid.

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I’m cooking old people ears.


I was grocery shopping and saw that Red Baron brought back their Mexican pizzas - YAY! Closer look, and there are no longer chips on the top, BOO - the chips are what made it special, it’s what I loved the most, the crunch and texture.

But I won’t be put off, I’ll just make my ding dang own.

For the sauce? Hmm, lets combined enchilada sauce, salsa and some tomato paste (to give it some thickness and cool the blend) - I have taco meat already made, just add that and the veggies and cheese… and of course, the chips (the taco shells I had, conveniently came with a broken one already to go).

I bought a squeezable tube of sour cream so I could drizzle that on top after baking… and wha-la!

Not my picture, but it looks something like this

A lot of this was low sodium items, so… how’s it taste?

-munch munch munch-

Oh my, that’s good, that’s really, seriously good. Red Baron, bite me, this is better than even your classic version (and most certainly better than those crappy things they serve at Taco Bell that are so popular)

I’m going back for seconds because this is addictively tasty.


(I need to buy a jar or two and store the sauce in the freezer, I bought small portions, but combined, it made a lot)


Anyone else “extra” their frozen pizzas??


Oh, yah, sure, you gotta.


Often, I look at the varieties available and none really appeal, so I buy a Margherita and accessorise. The trick is not to overload the pizza, or slices just collapse as you try to eat them.
Last Friday’s was a Margherita with (chopped up) fennel salami, prosciutto cotto, scamorza (smoked mozzarella), then some halved cherry peppers stuffed with cream cheese. The latter were blowtorched to char them a little after taking the pizza from the oven.

Tonight’s meal was a fish pie - scallops, king prawns, fennel sausage crumb (pre-fried for crispiness) and flat-leaf parsley in béchamel sauce, then topped with mashed potato. Gently baked in the oven 'til the seafood was cooked through.


Eh, fake pie…got impatient and put it under the broiler…out of propane, so didn’t give it the turn and burn with the torch.

Meh, it’s fine. Peas, carrots, corn, beef, potatos.

I’d bet it’s about roughly a million calories per slice, whatever that is.


Judging by the debris field, it should be damn good. Nothing good is born in a sterile environment.


That’s right! Never had a cold nor the flu in probably twenty years.

I must say, wash your hands and the road to wellness is open to all.

(Those green round pellets on the floor are Ramik rodenticide…I like to scatter them about to keep the would-be contenders on their toes…and, the food stains and whatever…meh…if it’s been there a decade, it’s fine and it deserves to infect me!)

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