What are you cooking?

Another recaptured summer treat from days of yore:

“Berries Goodunov” ice cream!

The original version (from the Rimsky-Korsakoffee House) featured vanilla ice cream, raspberries, slivered almonds, orgeat syrup, and whipped cream.

Our version is dairy-free vanilla cashew-milk iced dessert, with toasted whole almonds, and the fruit and syrup. So not quite a true sundae. It still rocks, though.


Red Bush…I’ve had a bottle once before, but they were on sale (along with that vile “Prohibition Era” Bushmill), so I figured…I’ve got a bunch of chores to do today…scrub out the cast irons, mount magnets, hang up shirts, all that…

And later, for a mere 1110 kCalories per entire pizza:


It is my favorite diet food. One of those per day and I’m OK…even have room for one or two 8% “flavored” seltzers at 260 kC/unit some days.

/* edit, and, with respect, I don’t think I’m violating the spirit of the thread by including drinks with what am I cooking.

I certainly consider liquids nourishments, as do my blazer and suit coats that I can’t button! But I refrain from giving “tasting notes” here*/

/* later edit from same day.

Yes, on my “to do” list today was indeed “scrub cast iron pans” and “cook bacon for freezing”.


This might be what’s for dinner.

You know, probably in like an hour or two as I cook it down.

That was a good pig, I will have said at some point in the evening.

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