What are you cooking?

Those look amazing!

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They sound a lot like the jam doughnuts we were used to in the UK before the likes of Krispy Kreme started to move in on the market. Still widely available, and less of an overwhelming sugar hit than the USA variety.

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The same again, using up the remainder of the meat but omitting the cream. However, this time I got the rice done a lot better. Not perfect, but I’m getting there!
I also added some saffron and dried coriander leaf to the cooker, for colour and flavour.

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I’m so forking hungry, but also really wanted manicotti, so have to sit here with my stomach grumbling for the next hour waiting for it to cook and cool down.

Scaramuzza spinach and cheese manicotti + Scaramuzza meat sauce + some half boiled Barilla farfalle to take up the gaps in the pan is all in the oven for another 50 minutes.



Now I’m hungry for manicotti…

But, I already pulled the pulled pork and bbq sauce out of the freezer…


I did this on Friday, but with the new extra hot!! :fire::fire:

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Currently smoking ribs in 26° temp. Will report back.


Chilaquiles for breakfast this morning, and they turned out really well. There’s always a trick to simmering the tortilla chips long enough that they’re toothsome, but not disintegrating.

Sometimes I nail it!


Making a big batch of 7 meat meatloaf


Those look really good! Do you freeze some or is it for a big dinner?

I’ll be freezing most of it. That’s only the first batch by the way it looks like I can fill all those loaf pans at least once more.


Update: I was only able to fill the 4 red loaf pans for the second batch so I’ll have 9 total loaves.


I see pork, lamb, veal, beef, turkey, and bison. What’s in the white package?

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Nice. Get every species you can in there. Equal opportunity!

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My wife made a hash yesterday morning from sausage, leftover French fries and eggs. It was so good. We ate leftovers this morning. I’m sad it’s gone.


Dungeness crab has gotten expensive enough (even though it’s a local thing) that over the last 15-20 years it’s gone from “ain’t it great that this tasty thing is relatively cheap here” through “slightly pricey occasional treat” to, now, “once-a-year luxury”. So today we bought a 1.75 lb crab and I picked that thing apart. Dressed it with a little melted butter and lemon. And we (2 people) ate. The whole thing. In one sitting. (With some mashed potatoes, and salad with tomatoes, avocado, and celery dressed with mayonnaise.) Maaaybe not a great idea. I think I was counting on a greater proportion of shell to meat when I asked for a bigger one than the ~1.4 lb one the guy at the counter picked first. I am so full of crab. Nap time, mother-crabbers.


When I was a kid we would kayak along the rocky shorelines in CT and sneak up on crabs and grab them with a net. Or from shore drop something flat on a line with some bait on it, watch for a crab to climb on and pull it up. And you could get lobster cheap right off the boats.

These days I’m also only buying those once a year, a pound of real crab meat from Maryland is $75, 2 frozen lobster tails are $100, with shipping it’s $200 for stuff we got cheap or free 50 years ago. The farm raised stuff is half the price but not worth that much since it doesn’t taste very good.