What are you listening to right now?

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Now a podcast interview with Mike Allen, who was there with Alice Cooper from the beginning…


Also part 2 of the Dunaway interview had some info new to me, that I used in my Paranormal write-up (for the song “The Sound of A”) - it was the first song Alice wrote on his own back in 1967 but never recorded. Dennis remembered it, had the music and the notes (it was going to be used in a sci-fi concept album, about a sound that could control people). He sent his re-writes to Alice, and it wound up on the new (at the time) CD.

Hey, why not listen to that now…

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It’s a bloody good album, a little underrated I think but one I reach for most often along with Walls and Bridges.

AKA Hey Sandy by Polaris

An Australian national treasure, the marvellous Tommy Emmanuel.

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Alvin “Youngblood” Hart and Bobby Valentino (from the Bluebells), plus backing from Jools Holland and his band - Tallacatcha.

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Another song from The Nits.

This ginormous CD box set from the lovely and talented David Sylvian.

Funny coincidence: was just in the grocery store and they had “Good Thing” by Squeeze Fine young Cannibals on the music. Classic piano solo by Jools Holland.

Nothing new to report. Tuned up these 14 gauge flatwounds to open E to play “Gimme Shelter,” but decided the archtop was not the guitar, nor those the strings, to be doing that. That plus my tremolo pedal from thirty years ago is fried, so I tossed it.

Therefore I listen to “Brown Sugar” again just for fun.

Also: pretty good lesson, although he can go painfully slow. Great moustache, though.

Kaisa’s Machine has my heart!!

(Disc 1)

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