What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

We have a place to air our gripes, so how about one where we share our happy happy, joy joys?

It could be an object or an activity (though, try to keep it PG rated, not X, lol), or anything


I found myself smiling broadly while driving to work this morning.

Because I was reminiscing about Galaxy Quest.


I had a nice walk in the sunshine

Came home to find a box at the door.

With the economy what it is, I bought cheap, but effective (after doing some study) The Acers (laptop) speakers are for %$#! so I picked up this little baby, a Rokono Bass+ mini speaker - It’s tiny but it works like a dream.


And because my old headphones have literally fallen apart (held together with tape) and are shorting out, I bought another pair, one that was good for bassheads like me, “JVC HARX500 Full-Size Headphones”, they came highly rated and I didn’t need to spend and arm and a leg, and they sound amazing too (sure, a $200 + pair would likely sound more amazing, but keeping it at a sane price range, I’m pleased with what I have, and they sound better than my old ones).

So very happy to have my music back, and to hear it with crystal clarity. (And bass, plenty of bass) :grinning:


I got two MST3K box sets in the mail this week, so that’s a hell of a plus.

Right now? I have a big plate of Chinese takeout, which does a great deal in matters of smiling.


I took a nap because it’s hot and then my partner made coffee for me when I woke up! My love language is coffee, you see.


da hai GIF


I’m moving to Wisconsin in a week and starting my new job in two weeks!

Happy Will Smith GIF


11 days until I’m at my first concert since before the pandemic.


I got a haircut today! That always makes me feel great! :smiley:


I e-mailed a tattoo artist about a potential tattoo to honor the twins I lost in my miscarriage. I’m 41 and have never gotten a tattoo before (despite having been a roller derby skater for many years), so this is all new to me.


Started my new job today! Obviously it’s too early to tell if it’s everything I ever wanted, but it’s definitely NOT most of what I DON’T want, which is my old job.


I found the last song I ever wrote (sometime in 2014, 2015) on the old 16-track recorder. It was only fair, with some decent lyrics, but there was no connective tissue, it was all over the place (is it about this, or that, or what?)

I thought, I’ll be damned if my last song is going to be so sloppy. So, I dusted off my brain and got to work on rewrites. It was hard going, and I cussed myself out mightily and nearly quit (you stupid ancient bastard, you’ve lost it! You can’t write, you can’t play, and you can’t sing anymore!!)

But then I looked over older tunes, one’s I was proud of, and said to myself “you might not be a great guitarist or vocalist, but you’re not a loser, you wrote some good songs in your life” - and that seemed to be the thing I needed - a few days and several passes, I got it down. Not saying it’s my best work, and my aging voice is for sh— but the connective tissue is there.

Not bad, old fart.

:older_man: :studio_microphone: :fist_right: :fist_left:

BTW: I think “Stupid Ancient Bastard” would be a great kung fu movie name


As long as it’s not Morrissey’s miserable experience, heaven knows.


Good for you. I only have one tattoo but I’ve seen some amazing work. Mostly on my sister.

Also, at some point I wish to know more about this roller derby phase.


I got my first perk for being a mega-Patreon of The Lost Drive-In. So that was nice.

Lunch tomorrow with former co-workers…if any of those lousy bastards show! No, actually, it’s pretty great and they’re good people, and none work at the place we were co-workers any more. lol


My daughter is sick, but getting better. It’s not COVID and I don’t seem to be catching it. So I’ve got that going for me.


I successfully removed the ballast from a malfunctioning fluorescent light fixture in my gaming room and converted the thing to LED bulbs which will last until long after I’m dead so I’ll never have to change them again and DIDN’T burn the house down. That put a smile on my face.


I got a raise! Nuff said


We did that with the fluorescent lights in our garage. Unfortunately, we still have the fluorescent bulbs as we can’t find a place to recycle them.

If this doesn’t melt the ice-water in your veins, nothing will.