What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

I still have the souvenir lobby book too, paid for with 1977 dollars.

It’s just a bunch of still photos and some write-ups about the characters, but in 1977, there was absolutely nothing else for a 12-year-old to go all apey over.


Yeah, I was 11 when the movie came out and was nuts for it. My brother was the action figure collector, but I had the soundtrack album (and the Meco single, which I played until it developed a crack from the edge to the center hole, and I still kept playing it).

Somewhere I also still have the Death Star blueprints. (Many Bothans died, and the cast of Rogue One suffered a TPK, so I could have them.) I had the novelization by “George Lucas” (ghostwritten) which made me wonder for years who the “Whills” were, and I still have the digest-sized B&W edition of the comic book adaptation.

I also had this, and wish I knew where it was now:



The Bothans obtained the plans for DS2 in ROTJ.

And then some Klingons died to get the plans for DS3 in The Force Awakens. And then somebody realized that they were all exactly the same but somebody stuck a grate over the vent shaft.

OMG! I used to have that too. Absolutely no idea where it wandered off to

Mine is contained in an old type drawer display thing, so he doesn’t wander off.


You should. I had shingles in my late 30s and it is emphatically Not Fun.

The shingles vaccine left me feeling worse over a couple of days than any other vaccine I’ve ever had. Still… nowhere near as bad as spending 2+ weeks dealing with actual shingles.


I thought for years the line was “many BOFFINS died” since boffins is UK slang for “spies.” Imagine my surprise when suddenly Bothans showed up as a Star Wars alien race. Then I read the old Tag and Bink Star Wars comic where they ran into a smuggler named Manny Both-hanz that was carrying the Death Star plans, who of course dies before the issue is over. Because Manny Both-hanz died to bring the Rebels those plans.

This is also why for years my character on the Star Wars The Old Republic game was a Smuggler Gunslinger named Manny Bothanz.


All the horror stories I’ve heard don’t make me want to get the vaccine. But all the even worse horror stories about shingles I’ve heard make me want to get it.

Why does everything have to have side effects?


“Well, it would take a scientist to explain…”

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I’m happy what I think to be the absolute end to my interior use extension cords has become reality.

Enter the coiled beast.

I love it!

Almost as much as I love my new coiled IEC C13 standard power cord for a few different uses.

I’m starting to think positive. Yeah, baby!

The reach on this sucker is incredible. So, that’s my go-to extension cord, if needed indoors or outdoors, primarily on a temporary basis. I think it might be destined to live in the trunk of my car along with other stuff. It is real, and it is spectacular.


FWIW, I only had a mildly sore arm after both shingles shots. Your ouch may vary.


Ditto. Sore arm for about a week after shot #1, felt fine after #2.

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My arm hurt, and I had a low-grade fever which laid me up for almost a day and a half. Plus headaches and some joint soreness. Oh, well. :person_shrugging: It’s over now, for awhile.


I generally just get a sore arm from any vaccine. I’m considered high risk enough that they made me get both pneumonia vaccines despite being well south of 65, but one of them (I can’t remember whether it was pneumovax or prevnar anymore) made my bicep swell up and I ended up taking at least one (maybe even two?) days off work because it flattened me so much; just cold sweat, long bone pain, and zero energy to move for days.

I work in a hospital and have to get the flu shot every fall, and I happily sign up to head down to the staff cafeteria and get it (and the Covid booster the past couple years), because the vaccine is always less bad than the disease.


Oh yeah, I’m not saying that I’m anything but lucky, and I’m not looking forward to losing another day to the covid booster, but I certainly will.


I almost had a squirrel fall off a power line on to my head this morning while I was out on my bike ride.

He would have bounced off my helmet if he had fallen, but I am happy for both him and me that he stayed up!


Walnuts are coming now. We have three of the trees right near our house. One of the nuts missed my head by about an inch when I stepped out yesterday. But I’m pretty sure the squirrel didn’t do it on purpose. :grin:


See, more proof of the dangers of walnut ranching!


One thing I am not smiling about is the memory of getting shingles on my head, not fun, painful to sleep. And mine came back, not once, not twice, but three outbreaks over the years… usually when I was under a LOT of stress. (And what dread to not see it at first, but to feel that familiar tingling, burning sensation, and think “Oh crap, no! No, No No!”)

At the time it was thought to be one of those one and done diseases, so doctors were scratching their heads over this thing of mine… then suddenly, on the 3rd outbreak they informed me that, “Yes you can have recurring shingles… yay for you that we figured this out.” It seems I have a weak immune system.


Non-complaint… I needed to go into the office for forms I was out of, but I’m so tired it’d be like driving drunk at this point.

Then it hit me, “wait, I think I have a box somewhere in this house from years ago?” I just found the box, with about 3-weeks-worth of the blank forms I needed. Thank goodness, I was starting to crash and knew I’d never make it.

Now to sleep, perchance to dream.