What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

Someone brought me back to the Burning Questions thread and I was reminded of The Dungeonmaster. Tubi has it so I’m watching it now. It really should be riffed, but I kind of enjoy it as a modern sword and sandal movie.

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Just recently heard about Robin Williams trying to help employ some homeless even for a short time with his celebrity. Thought that was pretty decent. Feel like I heard it a long time ago, and forgot, but either way it definitely gave me a smile.


Roll for cheesy dialogue?

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Plenty of that to go around. :smiley: Cheesy special effects and Bull from Night Court as the villain. :smiley:

You’re gonna think I’m in the wrong thread but I’ll get there.

Last night my stepmom (who is awesome to be clear) got up to use the bathroom and passed out. Woke up and threw up a LOT of blood.

She took an ambulance to the hospital (she lives in a tiny town in AZ so it’s like a 40 minute ride) and barely made it, her blood pressure and heart rate were too low. Admitted to ICU, blood tranfusion, endoscopy, found a ruptured blood vessel.

Why am I smiling?

I’m smiling because they were able to sew that bad boy up and she’s on the mend.

I’m smiling because it looks like the cause is an ulcer and not, for example, a tumor.

Mostly I’m smiling because my dad called an ambulance – they don’t have sheet for money and I worry that one day they won’t go to the hospital for something because it might cost money and that’ll be curtains for one of them. But he did, and they saved her, and she’s gonna be okay for a while longer. Maybe there will be a bill (they have at least some type of Medicare now) but fudge it I’d rather pay for an ambulance than a funeral!

Okay thanks for listening to my rant it’s logging off time, see y’all tomorrow.


Holy crap, that is worth smiling about. Fingers crossed she recovers quickly and the bill isn’t too damaging.


I feel her pain.


The good news is if you throw up a whole lot of blood you get to ride in the Wee Woo truck and then maybe someone will actually help you! :hugs:




Stepmom is home from the hospital! Here’s hoping she can keep all her blood in the right place for a while :smiley:




Working the public session at the observatory this evening I wore my Kickstarter reward T-shirt and the red lighting made the secret message stand out. Basically the red lettering gets brighter and blends in with the white background but the blue letters turn black.

I pointed it out to the other guy that helps out before the session, but no one that came to look through the scope said anything so can’t tell if they noticed.


We’re doing our next family astronomy night next Saturday. I love when people come to look through the scopes. We had a family who came last time who are members of one of the local tribes and I loved speaking with the mother about some of the Native American astronomical stories.


Well, two days ago I absent mindedly put a capo on the headstock of the Squier Telecaster. Just to store it, out of the way. Apparently I put it over the top string. But, the Tele stays in Open G tuning, so it was kind of slack anyway and I didn’t break a string.

Also, I put in an order for some true dark charcoal flannel trousers from this company. They allowed me to put in my own measurements, but not being an aristocrat nor an acrobat, I can’t take my own measurements exactly (ALL of them!), despite having a tailor’s tape measure.

But it was pretty cheap, and if the rise is too high…well, I can deal, I guess, but I can at least finish the hem at the bottom by hand.

If need be, I shall use needle and thread! Just hope the crotch doesn’t need to be let out.

Also, after I guess one solid day of playing, I can play “Honkey Tonk Women” in an Open-G guitar, with all the fills. I think if I can do it, pretty much anybody can, what with not being a guitar picker at all.




The planets aligned and after 50 months, I upgraded my phone yesterday. Setting up new electronics is something I enjoy, but they’ve made it so easy now, I’m pretty much done. :sunglasses:


After 60 months I ordered a new phone yesterday. Now we see if I get it or my kickstarter stuff first.


I apparently have a cold. Spent most of yesterday and last night with postnasal drip and raspy throat.

Why is that a non-gripe? Took my first Covid test in a long time just now and am negative!

Hooray for the common cold.


Yeah, I took a couple of tests this week and had the “oh good, I just feel like crap!” reaction when they came up negative.


That’s how I felt as well. I’m just getting over a cold. I tested myself multiple times just to be sure, negative every time. Thank goodness for just a cold.