What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

Well I don’t have a cold. So there.

*Laughs which turns into crying*

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There, there. You can have mine.


I’m at a race this morning, perched on an outcrop with my legs folded, sitting on concrete, back propped, feeling fine…while listening to a group of fanatic CrossFit people younger than me complain about how their knees are locking up and their backs hurt and how they have pain in their feet.

Let’s just say I’m feeling proud of myself and my own fitness routine right now. :grin:


All worth it if they can get 15 seconds of quality workout footage to post on social media, which seems to be their primary motivation.

“I can liff…ngh…tree hunnert forty seven pounds over my head…ugh…but stilll…NOBODY LIKES ME!” -A Child’s Garden of Grass


Well, after having (on Friday) spilled a full mug of tepid coffee with milk inside my satchel, I found the inside to be pretty much dry by now and only a handful of books got some liquid stains on them…dry now…no big deal.

BUT I also found another of my favorite picks in the bag while I was vacuuming it out. Dunlop GatorGrip 2.0mm pick. Not really in short supply, since I have maybe a dozen or so, but I keep dropping them and such, so it’s a minor coup in my fight against losing guitar picks.

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Smiling because this finally happened –



Is it that much of an honor to get a star on the walk of fame? One of the biggest qualifications for that is paying the $75k fee.

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I complained to my husband that the Gripes thread made me want mozzarella sticks, so he went and placed an order for some. What a guy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I wnat mozzarella sticks too.

(Arby’s. Not Burger King’s, they suck.)


Ours are from Papa Gino’s.

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Eating fast food from Jack in the Box makes me smile, even though their mascot is horrid to me.

But really, talk about luck of the Irish! I slept through this mandatory group court-ordered “therapy” session this past Saturday. Since I’m scheduled to have my exit interview this coming Tuesday, that could potentially have been an issue (I don’t think so, but it’s not a good company who sells their services…their public share price is rock bottom low and dropping every minute).

BUT, I just received a telephone message from the group administrator who said that he had entered the wrong zoom ID, so I won’t be penalized for missing the group.

It could be that he was aware of my pending “release” and did some fiddling behind the scenes to make for a happy ending, but whatever it is, I’m good to go! One UA tomorrow, which I don’t need to study for, then one during the “exit” interview where I submit some paperwork and stuff.

And Mindy (female) is the UA tech tomorrow, so I can close the door and pull out my Abbie Hoffman tricks without sleight of hand.

Paid off the loan for the Jeep. Two years early.


And there’s one more thing: I got the pink slip, Daddy! :notes:


Urg mail from the county courthouse, but why?

Hey, a check! No note, no nothing, just “Pay to the order of…”

A closer look and I see the word reimbursement, and the name of the drunken dickweed who plowed into me, wrecked my car, and sent me to the hospital 3 years back.

I put it out of mind since nothing seemed to be moving on the case.

I looked him up and saw he was booked last year on something not revealed. I wonder if it was related (don’t feel like calling the court for details, I hate the phone). But I’m glad it’s settled, and that he didn’t just get to skip off into the sunset without a care. He put me through hell, financially, stress ‘n’ pain-wise, and I pray to God he NEVER EVER does this to anyone else (or worse, kills someone).


Unfortunately, I fear he probably will. I read a WaPo(?) article yesterday about a drunk driver in DC who fled a traffic stop, then 2 minute later plowed into a car in the opposing lanes at 100mph, killing everyone in the other car. They had over $17,000 in unpaid tickets for speeding and DUIs in multiple states. Repeat offenders tend to be serial repeat offenders and they won’t stop even if they lose their licenses.

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Seems a lot of our local serial dwis are on e-bikes now, I saw one nearly get squashed just yesterday while blowing through a stop sign.

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I’ll make up for that last distinctly not smiley comment and mention two good things (and one sad to preface the first good)

  • The last of my wife’s and my original cats died at 18.5 three weeks ago (he was my best cat pal ever), BUT last Friday we got three kittens, and they are zooming around and being adorable as I work from home right now. They’re all super snuggly and sweet too.
  • My wife won a university wide teaching award, and they finally announced it today so we can mention it to other people. It comes with a nice cash prize too, which we’re going to put toward remodeling our kitchen (last done probably in the early 80s) which we’ve been saying we’re going to do since we moved in 6 years ago but other necessary projects keep coming up.

I’d much rather a drunk was on a 60 lb e-bike than piloting a 4000 lb SUV. I mean, if those are the options. Just don’t drink and operate machinery, people.


And of course there’s never a helmet.


If you want to stir up a hornets nest in the cycling community, suggest mandatory helmets. Lots of cyclists are vehemently anti-helmet and will point out that Europeans don’t wear them, they won’t help if a car hits you, and (at least claim) they won’t do really do anything if you simply fall.

Personally, I wear one and make my daughter wear one. But it’s a fraught topic.

EDIT to add: If we provide safe cycling infrastructure they are less necessary, even in my opinion