What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

I mean, you can just fall off the bike and hit your head. I did when I was a kid and got a concussion. Because I wasn’t wearing a helmet.


Yeah, hence my parenthetical that anti-helmet cyclists claim they don’t help in a simple fall. I’m not going to risk it personally. But as safety features go, I’m less inclined to think it’s mandatory. If you’re on a motorcycle, you 100% wear a helmet and leathers or other protective clothes (Don’t be a squid!). And seat belts 10,000% in a car.


That’s horrible and heartbreaking.

When I got the check, I felt oddly disconnected, I don’t know what I felt, not really happy, more like air let out of a balloon. I guess I just expected he’d avoid paying and get away with it. I didn’t have $ for a lawyer, it was up to the State.

So, when I received it, I went to the bank and put it into my retirement savings and just let out a sigh.


Excuse me, but if I wasn’t terrified of motorcycles, I’d be in like twelve layers of padding when I rode one.


They scare the crap out of me too, but my 72 year old father and my cousin do amateur (but the regulated and on a track type of) motorcycle racing, so I hear a lot about motorcycle safety. They’re both kind of bonkadoo libertarians, and even they are like “You MUST wear a helmet, leathers, boots, gloves, and if you’re racing, plate back protection.”


Yeah, I know a guy who really messed up his leg on a motorcycle. Had to get a bunch of gravel removed along with a bone broken in more than one place. He sold that motorcycle when he recovered and got a car.

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My dad went down on a corner in a race about 5 years ago and broke most the fingers in one hand, but was back on the track as soon as the doctor cleared him. He’s bought more bikes and is competing in multiple classes now.


Back to happy news- My daughter and I are going to have a fun weekend. On Saturday, my good friend from high school has his annual deck party. A live band plays and my daughter gets to jam with them on the drums for a little bit. She got to last year as well. Before that, we’ll go to a local record store (it’s in a nearby town, so different stores) so she can buy more records for her growing collection. She can only afford to buy used records, so she gets an assortment. Her favorite right now is a Eurythmics album.

And then Sunday is the local Medieval Faire (maybe I can buy a leather mug) at a B&B done up as a medieval castle. This will be our third year going and it’s so much fun. Especially the period music.

So I’m looking forward to the weekend.


72 and still racing bikes? Good for him!

More people need to realise being older does not mean you’re dead and can’t get out and do stuff.


Wait until I tell you the story of the skydiving grandma. I’ve called the press and a representative of Bob Evil to come and hear about it.


After a whopping six months of job hunting, I finally start a new job on Tuesday morning!

I wish it was in the film industry, but with the SAG/AFTRA and WGA strikes still going (:fist:), there’s almost no filming going on. Projects I helped produce aren’t yielding any money, so it’s back to Day Job Land! My partners and I were reminiscing this afternoon about past adventures (like this Carbon County with a certain special guest star) and the new ones to come!




So after being so worried in the Gripe topic, I can say that I successfully got through six shows today and while I’m exhausted and my feet hurt, the equipment worked and that’s the important thing. I was very tense through the shows, praying that they would work and they did.

Thank goodness. I am smiling. (It’s mostly a relieved smile but it’s a smile nonetheless.)


That’s fantastic news! I always love a happy follow up story.


Glad to hear things were working today! More importantly, did any of this light fires under the people who need to get their tails in gear to start fundraising?

We are in a similar situation at my museum. We have an exhibit that is close to 30 years old, and part of it is on an upper-floor mezzanine. The elevator installed for ADA was one meant for households (it’s a very small shaft). That elevator has been on the cusp of failure for close to 15 years now, but does anyone have a plan for when it finally fails?


They know it will be expensive (like redesign the exhibit and start over expensive)

They know the elevator is going to fail sooner rather than later.

But they just stick their heads in the sand and hope it won’t happen right now. :roll_eyes:



Yeah an ADA lawsuit can also be expensive. Pick one, I guess :woman_shrugging:


I know, right?

But no.

I will not get in the thing. I tell people it’s a claustrophobia nightmare and I can give them an alternate route through the exhibit that skips the little bit upstairs if they prefer.

We’ve tried to keep people with strollers off of it to help extend what little life it has left.


Yay! I really did think I was rid of the mice infestation, so boooo!!!, but, they’ve finally accepted the Ramik rodenticide!

They weren’t going for these little foil cupcake tins I grabbed from the dollar-and-a-quarter-tree as “dishes,” but I happened to have accidentally stepped on one on my kitchen floor the other day, scattering the morcels on the floor…and they got snarfed up PDQ.

When I got home from work today, another two trays on a kitchen counter were emptied of eight delicious pellets…I don’t know how many hours, but not long!

Now I just opened up this giant bag and just kind of tossed them around in the kitchen. A few dozen or so.


RELATED HAPPY (since I probably have hantavirus). My local pharmacy still doesn’t have the new CV-19 vax, but on Monday I’m set to get the flu shot and the new RSV shot.

I dunno, it just makes me satisfied and happy to take care of things like that when it works out according to my schedule and so forth.


ALSO, I really am impressed by this cashier at a local chain of convenience stores generally known to be the inferior equivalent of a 7-11 up by me. Very friendly woman, probably … I couldn’t guess her age, but definitely mid-30s or beyond!!!, so age appropriate.

My boss was saying today, “Yeah, of course she’s nice, she’s working at customer service!”

That’s true, but this particular chain is not known for attracting the most savory customers, so being nice is by no means a given.

Anyway, I just enjoy having a friendly interaction while picking up some supplies a few times a week after work, so it makes me happy without any creepy ulterior motives on my part.

Well, sure, next time I grab a deck of smokes there, I’ll be checking for a ring on her finger, and if she notices and asks “what’cha lookin’ at?” I’ll tell her with a smile, but it’s not creepy. Not on my part. I just like meeting people.

Strange behavior for a lifelong hardcore introvert, but I’m getting long in the tooth and have learned to become friendly-ish and to not bite most things or people in my dotage.

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Planning and future-proofing?

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An update from this post:

I submitted a Feedback Removal Request and eBay contacted me this morning and ruled in my favor that this buyer did leave retaliatory negative feedback for their own mistake and they have removed it accordingly. Finally some good news in battling shady buyers! :clap: :clap:
Now if I can get one last negative feedback that’s been going on for nearly a month now, I will have successfully wiped out the recent negative feedbacks, and come January, 2 from another shady buyer will drop off of my record :+1: