What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

Bear Manor is fast!

For my theater nerd kid who I hooked on Marx Brothers movies as a toddler.


I’ve gotta check out their catalog.

Good News - Bad News

Good News: My Primary Dr. approved my referral to a better endocrinologist. This one was recommended by the Diabetes Nurse.

Bad News: Her earliest appointment is Feb 13th.


My daughter fell asleep when I showed her Duck Soup last year. She claims she was just really tired. We’ll see if we ever try again.


Eh, maybe a half smile.

Met up with my sister, her family, my uncle, and my parents for a hella early Thanksgiving supper (I had to set my alarm for noon, consarnit [hey, I got home from work at like midnight or 0100 and didn’t get to sleep until 0700 or so], but at least I was able to bring a 24-oz. can of Earthquake Black Cherry 10% ABV with, for discreet consumption before my sister’s family arrived…no sneaking and hiding like a filthy rummy, just cracked it open and poured it into a glass in the open).

Anyway, my sister looked terrible, which makes sense since they actually removed the screw in her ankle during overnight prep for surgery to treat an internal staph infection, after which the surgeon refused to perform the surgery, so, she went against medical advice, signed the waiver, and discharged herself in order to be at her eldest son’s annual intense heart valve checkup. Which latter went fine, is what I hear, but what are they gonna say?

Both parents are sick with some kind of cold…CV-19 tests say negative, but they’re just not feeling good. Meh, I think my last CV-19 update dose was about two weeks ago, so that should be good, and I know everyone, probably with the exception of my drunkle, is fully on top of that kind of thing. Drunkle’s nervous, and his socks are too loose.

HOWEVER I had the forethought to bring along the classic Clifford Brown & Max Roach - Wikipedia album (well, CD), since my middle nephew is first chair in trumpet after only a few months of playing, but after a year or two of studying percussion/drumming (including reading complex charts). Didn’t get a chance to play it…probably just as well, since it’s not really party music.

But my sister asked if she could borrow it…hell, I said she could have it. Some sick trumpet playing on that, but my only regret is I forget which album the classic “Cherokee” is on…my CDs are all alphabetized on a rack near the door, but in vinyl sleeves (except for the digipack ones), so I just grabbed what I could find.

Hey, a boy’s got to inspect his horn! And Brownie was a mutha on the horn.

/* edit…darn! I should have ripped the CD first into lossless. Yes, I can find the music on le Tube (and yes, @clang, I’m totally stealing that term from you), but the quality isn’t the same as that compressed shtuff.

What I forgot to mention was…I don’t know if it’s a gripe, or just a slight smile…nobody was doing nothing. I think they were in the next room playing their board game, so I started fooling around on one of the acoustic pianos…bunch of tunes…I don’t remember. I know I went through the head to “Sunny” and did the half-step modulation up a ways, then got bored and started playing “Black Coffee,” just cause it was a bunch of teetotalling going on…my mother comes in and says “can you please turn that down?”

(a) Even though I haven’t touched a piano keyboard in months and months, I was playing well, with good dynamic control

(b) It’s an acoustic piano, woman! Yeah sure, let me just hit the volume pedal on that. Idiots.

(c) If it sounds bad, it’s because it’s out of tune (but, generally acceptable compared to many), and the lid to the music harp/stand is open. No duh it’s going to be loud, no matter how softly I play.

(d) Get on the clue bus! There was a reason I started my session by improvising on the “Dies Irae” theme in Ebm, and using what I could remember from the Brahms intermezzo from his Op. 118.

(e) Don’t talk to musicians! They will only let you down.

SMILE, because I got to chuckle to myself at that. */

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This has to be one of the best headlines I’ve ever seen. The reality of the article is dumb and mundane, but this headline promises the moon! Dare we dream: Google creates an AI system to watch all of its YouTube videos, so humans no longer need to. We’re all set free while the system eats its own tail and eventually disappears. Now that’s a good use of AI.


Although… if each Bard summary counts as a view, I could see this as being a really easy way to game the system.


Update to this: So, my partner and I are long distance (Which is fine, hey, age of the internet and all that…) But they have never watched MST3K before. So tonight, I’m loading up the Gizmoplex and we’re gonna watch at last an episode or two of Season 13. Thinking of starting with Santo and the Treasure of Dracula.

We’re both super excited about this.




My wife is back in the country! She’s got to stay an extra night near the airport since there aren’t any more trains, but at least she’s mostly home.


So now my computer is going to be so busy watching the computer it isn’t going to have any time for ME?! Progress


[whistles] No trains!


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Criterion Channel is having a sale on their annual subscription for new subscribers. I’ve been eyeballing it for a while and signed up. Looks like it has all the old movies I’ve been looking for all year. Pretty nice.


Criterion Channel is excellent. I’ve been a subscriber since day one. (Filmstruck subscriber before that.) Really great curated collections (sometimes on a limited time basis and some “permanent”) with intros from experts, plus tons of standalone classics. Pro tip: the search in the app is vastly inferior to the website. If you want something specific go online first.

Oh, and if you’re interested in the filmmaking aspect, check out Observations on Film Art which is great. It’s an original series made by two film professors. And check out Adventures in Moviegoing and see what recommendations actors and directors have. Patton Oswalt was one of the guests.


We had a special Black Friday sale this weekend at the planetarium and it turned out about as well as I could have hoped. Perfect would have been every show sold out, but we had two shows sold out! And people at every show and most shows were at least half full!


Update the third: So, we watch Santo, and they loved the heck out of it. That said, my partner is now a MSTie and we are both gonna watch more together.


Were they all excited to see Uranus?


Goodnight, Everybody!

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Time to go to Uranus and wipe out the Klingons!